Gt40 Vs Gt40p On My 460

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  1. image.jpg
    The flock is this? If it was fiberglass it was made flawlessly but this chit is ugly
  2. Hold me shaggy I'm scared.
  3. How is that legal
  4. where can i order one?
  5. At least they parked square...not!! Wtf they should at least be able to pull in straight?! That is a hideous creation:puke:
  6. That would be terrifying to change lanes in on the highway.
  7. haha!....nice craftsmanship.....but holy that is one custom piece of s###!
  8. That's what happens when you cross a turtle with a Mustang...

    A Turtang....
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  9. OP should be :ban:
  10. It's probably a cover for the mid-engine El-ess-exe
  11. I want to try the burrito wrapped in a quesadilla from Chipotle
  12. Looking at that I feel like at any minute,
    the hatch will open and the city will be attacked by ninja turtles.
  13. Flip it upside down and go fishing in it
  14. That car needs a wing... Yeah... Two of the big ones.
  15. What does this thread have to do with GT40s on a 460?
  16. With a pound of salsa plz.
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  17. Im glad someone finally asked, I was about to.

  18. The answer to that is "tacos"... Doritos Locos Tacos.
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  19. Ninja Turtles have a weakness for loco taco hot sauce.