Gt40p Anderson N-41 Vs Tfs1

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  1. Just curious if anyone has ran similiar setups? Any dyno numbers or track times?
    It seems the n-41 makes more power, but not sure?

    gt40p heads, explorer intake, and the supporting mods

    car also has 3:73's t5
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  3. I ran the tfs 1, and now the n41. I have picked up about .20 in the 1/8th since the swap, but most of that is probably driver improvement. I think the n41 sounds a little better when idling. No real seat of your pants difference though.

  4. Remember to ask what ratio rockers are used with the camshaft.
  5. Ill be using 1.6 for now. I will probably get the tfs1 then for 100 bucks less To be honest,thanks all!!