Gt40p Spring Rate With Flat Tappet Cam

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  1. It's not. You may make up the length on one end with longer pushrods, but you wont' be able to center the roller tip on the valve stem. Ideally, you want the roller tip to rock back and forth dead center of the face of the valve stem. When you increase the rocker height, it throws off the valve geometry. The roller will now sweep back and forth over the inner face of the valve stem, instead of pivoting in the center the way it should. This will increase wear on both the pushrods/pushrod cups, the rollers of your rocker and your valve guides....not to mention place additional stress on your studs.

    Just send them to the machine shop and save yourself the added hassle and worry. Your valve train isn't an area I'd "experiment" with. Wipe it out and there's a good chance it'll take the rest of your engine with it.
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  2. ya your right ill send em out monday or so to get milled down , thanks for all your help.

    i would of really messed things up lol.
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  3. With out milling them down you'll never achieve proper geometry... I'd recommend adj guide plates so you can get them correct.

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  4. i already ordered adjustable guide plates n studs from that alexesparts website.

    thanks again everyone for all your help .