GT500 2007 40th Aniverssary Edition= SEX!

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    Look at this thing.....the carbon fiber and aluminum touches make me wonder if the GT500 might be losing some weight....and more than 500 horsepower?! Ford is getting hungry for a C6. CAR AND DRIVER REMATCH!!!!!!!!
    And the thing is....Shelby isn't even done with revising the anniversary thing already looks gorgeous.:SNSign:
  2. All the carbon fibre bits are add-ons aren't they? Everything I read about that car adds even more weight - splitter, door mirror covers, gauges, bigger sway bars, 20" wheel option, light bar on the vert so don't hold your breath.
  3. This Shelby doesn't need any more HP. What it needs is the diet! Especially in the front of the car.
    What I like about this special edition, is that they finally got rid off the "SUV look" by lowering the suspension.
    Just for comparison, the Shelby is so heavy to compare with C6, that imagine, 4 fat chicks in corvete versus one regular driver in Shelby.:jaw: And in the end, Corvette would still probably come out with less weight than Shelby.
  4. Looks great maybe wanna trade mine in.
  5. Absolutely gorgeous... is that a satin silver stripe or darker mineral gray??
  6. How many Corvettes could you buy for what dealers will want for this special edition Shelby?
  7. It really shouldn't matter the Shelby Mustang is in a different class. Besides its a Shelby!
  8. Besides, it's an SVT with a Shelby badge.
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    I see someone just wants to argue! SO I guess I just say prove it!
  10. When in doubt, resort to trying to baffle with BS. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating and there'll be plenty to eat. For now, I'm off to buy a banana, word is they're going to be collectable in ten years time.
  11. So are pushrods, so you might pick up some of those. :D
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    They said the same thing about the Terminators...

  13. Everybody knows that the GT500 was the last project of SVE, under John Coletti. Call it an SVT Cobra, call it a Shelby, call it a can of tuna fish..... The only real involvement Carroll had with the car was some ceremonial pre-production seat-time so that he could give a bit of input (which amounted to "gee, that's pretty good.."), and then it became a "Shelby". Fact is, the new GT500 is just about as much of a Shelby as were the 69-70 GT500's, which are still quite collectible, so you can argue the point to delirium, but there's nothing much to prove either way...