GT500 Brembo brake setup FMS M-2300

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  1. Ive got a brand new FMS GT500 brake setup I need to sell. Its all brand new. Includes calipers, dust shields, rotors, and brembo brake lines. The only thing its missing is the rear pads from the kit. I lost them in a move and dont know where they ended up. The front calipers have their pads installed.

    Selling for $1000 plus shipping.

    Ford Racing parts direct sells this kit for $1400.
    M-2300-S Ford Racing 2005-2010 Mustang 14" Brembo Brake Kit
  2. Are these the same brakes being sold by this business for $925 and sold by this individual for $800 except yours don't have the rear pads which cost $120?

    Any pics of yours?
  3. Looks like it. If youve got a problem with the price then make an offer instead of beating around the bush.
  4. Thought about it, but your answers to my questions didn't really leave me wanting to go much further not to mention everything you try and sell has missing parts which leads me to believe you don't take care of things very well. So I'll pass thanks anyway.
  5. Sounds good douche
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