GT500 Colors, Stripes and such

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  1. Well, as if the GT500 wasn't unattainable for me to begin with, I see the results of that auction - $600K. Oh well, guess I'll just keep on dreaming.

    The article on this site was pretty interesting though. I found it interesting that the LeMans stripes and the side stripes will be a delete option on the coupe, as will the side stripes on the convertible. I wonder what the popular choices will be for that and what those collector types might choose.

    It might be neat to delete the LeMans stripes and side stripes and prowl around in stealth mode!

    I guess I'll go back to dreaming

    93 Mustang GT, 5spd black
  2. thats how i plan to do it. black, no stripes
  3. same here
  4. Blue, with Tungsten stripes.:nice:
  5. Torch Red, No Stripes :hail2:
  6. tungsten silver, white stripes.

    1. won't put up with dealer jive (have talked in person with a couple).

    2. know when i'm being jerked around. too many salivating customers, too much anxiety and hype. hey, fellas, this is just a car.

    3. will see how the dust settles, what the car actually looks like, actually costs, whether it runs or not.

    4. in the meantime enjoying my '05 GT. no complaints. just put in a top-of-the-line radar detector because I just can't help myself.

  7. If I go with the coupe...white with blue stripes

    if convert....torch red with white on sides
  8. coupe, white with blue stripes as well. :nice:
  9. IF I were to get one - Tungsten, no stripes...would almost consider painting and clearing the silver stripes on the car... anyone have any experience with this? Can it be done without messing up the paint in general? (all paint experiences I have ever had were nightmares).

  10. Im a black on black guy. Black paint, black stripes, black rims. :nice:
  11. I noticed that they are not offering Yellow. Instead they are offering Grabber Orange. What does everyone think about the Grabber Orange?:shrug:
  12. The 1970 Boss has grabber orange as an option,,, if you ask me , it looks more yellow than orange,,, not as screamin tho:)

    btw, I think someone should repost that shelby color/stripe view program now !,,,