GT500 commercial

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  1. I couldn't get the commercial to work right. I'll try later.
  2. Heh, the "heritage" **** stole her GT five hundo!

  3. Can anyone post a "downloadable" version!?:)
  4. Thats the last straw, If Kelly Clarkson is driving a GT500 you can count me out! Ok, well maybe not but what a dumb commerical.
  5. It's on the homepage now as well. ;)
  6. That ad was painful

    How could they do such a thing? Kelly should have been in a V6 Mustang ad, or maybe an ad for a minivan...not in a GT500. How many people want to associate the idea of a musclecar with Kelly? i certainly don't like the idea of it and i doubt many girls will buy GT500s so that was a wasted ad.:nonono:
  7. That was a pretty sexist post! Don't you know, everytime you let "it" talk for you, women think you're an idiot? lol Well genious, women like fast cars too! My daily driver may be a big SUV but my fun car is an '03 Cobra. Actually, I'm in the market for a GT500 and once the prices come down to reason and the aftermarket starts supporting it, I'm sure I'll have one in my garage.

    You're right, there are some "girls" that will buy the GT500.:p
  8. Easy answer to your question, amigo:

  9. poor marketing IMO
    Now you know y it costs 43g
  10. That's one hell of a lengthy ad don't you think? Now why would alot of ad dollars need to be spent on this? Or did you all not hear the part of Kelly Clarkson having a new single titled "Go" and that this is probably her video for it? :flag:
  11. I like the commercial. . . err video. . . whatever. Kelly Clarkson is hot! Of course, I have a thing for hot chicks driving V8 Mustangs.
  12. Please tell me ya'll didn't miss the meaning behind the first and most popular American Idol winner driving the most popular american car(or so Ford wants it to be). Ford wants the GT500 to be the all-american car. Also, what could it hurt if they attract a few women buyers when they see her driving the car? Actually, it makes perfect sense to me. Maybe they think a large number of married men want the car but their wives haven't been convinced. They need to make the car appealing to the women as well.

    Getting back to the american idol thing......are you aware that Ford is a big sponsor of the show? The Ford Fusion was the car promoted last season. Also, the newest winner Taylor Hicks is in a Ford commercial now but he only sings.

    Sometimes it's more than just a pretty package.
  13. The poor Fusion, to get dumped at the end of the season was mean. They advertise it the whole season then they giveaway mustangs. :shrug:
    I know it's not as cool as a stang but I figured thru the whole show they were gonna get a Fusion.