GT500 + KB 2.8 = 810 RWHP 745 RWTQ!

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by Uncle Meat, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. That motor will last 5 races at most. ;)
  2. Can't wait to see the shrapnel left after that block comes apart!
  3. Also, it will probably be off-road like the 700 h.p. Roush blower meaning you won't be able to get it inspected to drive on the street in most states.
    And most likely, warranty void! The Roush 120 h.p. blower retains the warranty.
  4. You guys are like fun Vacuums. Those are amazing numbers on an amazing car. I love that car.
  5. Can any one of you explain to me why the built motor in this car is gonna blow with a good tune? Also, yes I would think youd run into warranty issues with KB that brings your horsepower to 800+. The wee lil m90 that roush sells that retains a factory warranty is not even in the same galaxy as this KB. The only downfall in the 07 gt500 shortblock is that it doesnt have the same connecting rods that the 03 cobra had. The manley rods in that engine were awesome.
  6. theres a few reasons. its not built its a stock long block. also high compression and high boost arent friends. i mean theres more but im tired.
  7. It's a stock GT500 longblock, right? The one that comes with an 8.4:1 compression?
  8. what parts of 8.4:1 spells out high compression?
  9. I'm in love... But alas, the wallet isn't... :shrug:

    Drop the freakin' Shelby name and price it affordably... :notnice:
  10. Lol @ worrying about 800hp and having a warranty. If you go for 800hp you don't care about your warranty. Put that Roush up against that 800+hp KB and see who wins.

    Great numbers, can't wait to see what these things can pull out with a completely built motor with cams/supercharger/etc...
  11. exactly, if you have the money to do what they did, you have the money to shell out for a new forged built motor without even thinking about your account. Hell, you afforded the GT500 in the first place, money is no object.