GT500 Lip installation on a GT

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  1. How to modify the GT500 front spoiler to fit the GT

    Tools needed:
    Rotary tool with grinding and cutting wheels
    Stubby Philips screwdriver
    7/32" Socket or wrench
    Drill with small bit (I used 5/64")

    Materials Needed:
    Body screws (Autozone)
    Body fasteners (Autozone)
    GT500 Lower valance (got mine from Ford for $65)

    Cut the yellow area as noted on the pic. Be sure to cut behind the front most ridge leaving the tabs, as this edge will mate up with the car.


    When you're finished cutting, take a few minutes to test fit the lip piece and make sure you don't cut too much. I ended up taking it on and off 4 or 5 times to get it just right. This step takes the longest.

    When you're ready to mount the peice up, undo the little bolts on the bottom of the car below the license plate (2) and below the the outer edges of the grill (1 on each side) with the 7/32" socket.

    Undo the top screw in the inner fender and use this mounting point.

    *Right before you mount up the lip, you will want to cap the holes that will be visible with the body fasteners.

    The holes on the lip don't quite line up with the holes on the inner fender, so I drilled on additional hole in the fender well (each side), and used a body screw to fasten it down for extra strength.

    Next utilize the bolt holes on the lip to fasten the center section up to the car.

    Thats it!


    Some people will gripe that the section visible in the center is ugly. I'm working on a way to cut some strips of plastic or rubber to clean up the edges and visible sections. Haven't got that far yet. Very easy project, and recommend it to anyone looking for a GT500-esque lip for not a lot of $$$.

    Bear in mind, the pics that I took show you the most un-flattering views of the lip, walking up to car you would have to know what you were looking for to see the cuts.
  2. Nice write up:nice: Car looks wiser with the beard lol. Did you put the lower billet grille back on?
  3. looks good, I moulded a cap out of rubberize roof flashing that came in a roll from home depot to cover the center honeycomb and also trimmed the tap in the center off and glued it down flush with the spoiler.

  4. Great rightup, I want to do this soon.
  5. lol a beard. I took the lower grill off because it was getting sand blasted just driving around and i really need to powdercoat it before i put it back on.

    Thanks, your car came out really nice as well. I will have to check that stuff out at home depot. I was thinking of cutting a strip of some thin plastic and then screwing it down to the lip vertically so that it covers the hole. Is that what you did? Could you take some pics close up?
  6. that's the only picture I have right now, the roof flashing that I used had a adhesive on the back of it that sticks like super glue, it was in a 25' roll and was black rubber, I was able to stretch it so that it moulded right to the spoiler, when I mounted the spoiler it butted right up to the bottom of the bumper closing the gap and hiding the honycomb reinforcement, I've had it on my car now for about 8 months and it still looks good.
  7. Gotcha.
  8. This looks sweet.

    *edit* I answered my own question by doing what they call "reading"
  9. I did mine a couple summers ago now still have another sitting in my garage because a dealer drove it into a lift and took a chunk out ..Did mine abit different as I just cut away the outer honey comb till it was flat and I re drilled holes and made flat alum plate washers about 3" long so it pulled the bumper cover down flat..I made the filler out of alum and bent it to match the contour and then used rubber weather stripping to take up any uneven spaces far as the sides I just filled the gap with thicker weatherstripping the color is close to the splitter overall for a day in the garage it cost a total of 80 bucks.
    Sorry for the winter conditions it hasn't stop snowing in 2
    P.S..My lower grill is just set in place thats why it looks out a bit.
  10. Where did u get that lower grill??
  11. I think the GT500 lip would be a nice finishing touch to the front end of car, what do u think?


    Can you order them from ford online for that cheap if so where?
  12. Same thing happened to mw with my lower grill when i first painted it, i got some rubber polymer flat black spray paint that is used in truck bed liners and it is working fine and withstanding the sand and road debris is a tuffer more flexable paint, i got it at autozone i tihnk, cheaper then powdercoating still:nice:
  13. If your talking about mine..It's just the factory piece and I added the ducts. I was thinking of running them to my front brakes but now I'm thinking of directing more air to my intercooler, I'm installing a Paxton in 2 weeks. They are just exhaust tips off a GTP and are cast alum about 2 hours to clean the lips and paint the inside and cut the lower panel the honey cone was a pain just because I wanted them to sit inside of it and not on top cost about 10 bucks.
  14. It looks great, nice job!
  15. Any idea of the part number if it can be gotten online ?

  16. 7r3z-17626-aa or ba ...I'm going off memory here I tossed the box long ago it's
  17. Thanks for the write-up. I'm putting mine on in ten minutes.
  18. Yeah the box was literally big enough for me to walk into standing up, and I am 6'1" and 265lbs. I laughed when I had to practically walk into the box to pull the spoiler out. If I ever get homeless, I know of a great box!
  19. The modification and install was EASY! Thanks again for the write-up. Had to wait til this morning to take a half decent pic.