GT500 Lowering Springs and Exhaust input Please!

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by mr4teth, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. I’m thinking of a few moods and wanted some input for other GT500 owners. First I want to lower the car but really don’t want to sacrifice the ride to much. I understand lowering will stiffen up the ride I just don’t want it to the point where my spin snaps when I hit bumps (like my 96 Cobra did with Steeda springs)!

    Next is the exhaust. I have used and liked Flowmaster two chambers in the past but it looks like Flowmaster will not commit to their 17421 fitting a GT500.

    Does anyone have recommendations?
  2. WOW ... just called Flowmaster and they told me their exhaust actually robber the GT500’s performance and not to buy it! Got to love their honesty.

    Now what guys? ... I love the Flowmaster gurgle!
  3. I really like my Magnaflows but I have the Kooks Long Tubes as well.
  4. I was checking out the Kooks website today … Man does their complete exhaust (Header-Tips) system sound MEAN! How loud is your setup?
  5. Please don't put a cheap product like Flowmaster on a GT500. If I had that vehicle, I'd only be looking at SLP or Magnaflow.
  6. I put the Borla stingers (actually the Ford Racing version, but it's exact same product) axle back on my GT500 and am very happy with them and they look great too
  7. rear springs

    Hello, I am interested in the rear spring exchange for the factory 4x4 look. I can live with the front as it seems to be the right height, but the back has to come down. Can we do just the back and if so what seems to be the preferred spring set up.:shrug:
  8. Eibach will sell you the rears that will give an 1.7" drop. You'll have to have a Adj. Pan Hard though.
  9. :nice: Me, too ... not too loud, but much more aggressive than stock.
  10. Have you heard Corsa..???
  11. Is JBA Cat Back a good option for a 2008 Shelby GT 500? I would like a loud (mean) exhaust system!
  12. Roush extreme is on my 2010 gt500 and it sounds great. It may be a little too loud for some, just go to roush web site and you should be able to hear it. Jeff
  13. I have the Ford Racing Stingers as well. I was always a flow master guy. Have them on my fox but I figured I needed something different. They have a great sound but not overly obnoxious.They do drone pretty bad when you are cruising on the highway. I don't mind it until I go on a long trip,then it gets old. You can hear most all of them on Youtube to get an idea. As for springs I went with the Ford Racing as well. Got them at Summit Racing or around $190.00 I believe. I started with just the back and it did level it out but I ended up doing the front. I do like a little rake.Its down low but not slammed. I can still go over speed bumps and get into my driveway without scraping. The ride didn't change that much from the stock ride. I originally was going to go with the H&R springs. The best price I found was on Tire Rack ,but then they called me the next day to tell me they were back orderd for 2 months. I said screw that and went with the Fords. I will see if I can dig up some pics.