GT500 Mods.. what ya got planned?

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  1. Let's discuss.

    I talked with C&L and they will have their Mass air, inlet tube and pulley and tune avail soon. Probably the first engine mod I will do. Their pulley will include the snout so you don't have to have a puller.

    Course I've mentioned the glass roof we are working on.

    Exhaust most likely will be the Corsa.

    I will have some mock up renderings tomorrow of the exterior.. ;)

    Chime in... :)
  2. Step 1: Buy shelby Gt500 for somewhere close to MSRP. Step 2. Kenne Bell blower. Step 3: Grin from ear to ear.
  3. She's gettin dressed now... :)


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  4. F8LBITE,

    Nice times. Thats the best time i have seen a stock GT500 run besides the run Evan smith made for MM&FF he ran some where in the 12.2. What were the rest of you times 60' 1/8 iam intrested to see also what track. So far i have been
    1.996 12.024 @ 119.82 with mods. I know my car has more in it but the driver needs more seat time
  5. My Mods.

    I have already have the JLT Stage 2 setup minus the tune, all parts not installed yet is:

    Metco 2.6 pulley & idler pulley
    Spark plugs
    BMR LCA's
    Custom heat shield

    The tune I will purchase from Doug at Bama Chips.

    I already have the Ford Racing (Borla) exhaust installed

    Future Mods:

    Torsen T2R Diff with FRPP 4.10 Gears
    One piece driveshaft
    A set of DR's from whom ever comes out with the stock tire size first.

  6. I have seen the K&N CAI put over 20rwhp at a dyno day I went to a month ago. I have also seen a custom tune give a GT-500 40-50rwhp with no other mods.

    My buddy just purchased a JBA 3" Catback for his GT-500 and it sounds sooo mean. It made 30rwhp over the factory 2.5" setup on his GT-500.

    He purchased it from a place called JBARACING that had tons of them in stock. They sold me my 3" catback for my Cobra a week ago and a guy named mike gave me a great price on my kit.
  7. These car pick up tons of power i went from peak of 43Xrwhp, 421 rwtq to 550rwhp and 525 rwtq . With a Evolution Sct, 2.6 pulley, JLT maf intake, and plugs. Some places under the graph i picked up, upto 140 hp. My next mods are MT Et streets and off-road x pipe.
  8. JBA makes a set of long tubes, H pipe and cat back system for the GT500 - most of the major Mustang shops can get them
  9. I keep telling Lee to get me an intake so I can dyno it, come up with a tune, and post results on the forums. Up until recently there were very few intake options. Now we have the KN, steeda, JLT, PHP, C&L to pick from.

    These cars pick up a TON with a good tune. I have made almost 500 at the wheels with just a tune on an otherwise stock car, but that was a very cold day. Most see 480-490RWHP with a good 93 oct tune. Most come in at 425-440RWHP stock, sometimes 450-460RWHP if its cool enough out. There is a very drastic relationship between spark timing and post-intercooler air temp, anything about 100F causes a sharp drop off in timing.

    LTs don't seem to make much in terms of peak power, even if you pick up 10-20rwhp under the curve they add a lot of noise.

    As one said, with a tune, intake, and 2.6 pulley you can see 540-550RWHP.

    I plan to do tune, intake, pulley on my car. Then comes a bigger blower, and eventually turbos.
  10. Justin,

    We need to tag up on Lee and get a system over to you so we can get a tune done and get a system setup on my GT500. I'll be going to Tulsa in 2 weeks with our car. Think a few mags may cover the car then, would be awesome if we could pull something off by then!
  11. Hey, definitely, got your email. I'll be catching up on that stuff tomorrow, feel free to call if you get a chance 321-206-9369.
  12. These vehicles are amazing...recently had the JBA full system (long tubes, X-pipe, exhaust) installed and tuned to the chime of 513 RWHP...NO OTHER MODS yet on this car
  13. Got a graph? I have worked on some GT500s with exhaust and was not impressed.
  14. Ok, here we go...just got the car back out from the Intake install and re-tune...563 RWHP...more to follow.
  15. Nice numbers.

    I will be installing the C&L system tomorrow. No time for dyno but they are seeing between 60-80 HP with the MAF and Tune.
  16. NOT A FLAME, but a complement.

    Hey guys:

    You have me intrigued. I am very interested in the 500, and continue to try to get the wife on board with the idea. I have a high hp n/a Vette, and have had 8 mustangs and a s/c lightning, so I have always been a Ford guy until the past few years. The only, ONLY way I'd go Mustang again is a GT500, for sure. I miss the whine I have from my Lightning, and it ONLY made 411rwhp. If these 500's are durable, I mean durable, and I do not have to worry about rear windows falling out, or bad trannys, or hoses falling off the block, and can be modded with a KB, I am back on board, especially after driving an acquaintence's stock 500 the other day and finding Bill Ford is no longer there to ruin the company.

    Y'all convinced me...Good job :)
  17. Next are 305/45R/18 Nitto drags ....will go great with the 4.10 gears. Will make them about a 3.93 ratio. Just perfect for the 1/4. And fill in the stock ride height tire to fender gap nicely too