GT500...need traction....what size rim and tire

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  1. well i got all the basic bolt-ons and and full suspension with 20x9 in front and 20x10 in the rears. i was dynoed at 630 and finally took her to the track this last weekend. i did not expect to to get much traction, but had none what so ever. What size rim and drag radial tire do you guys recommend for the rear. i was thinking of going with the 28x11.5 but that gonna be real tight. my next choice is the 27x10.5; what do you guys think will work great? these of course will be only for the track and the tires need to be DOT approved. thanks......:Track:
  2. Shame nobody has any info. Mine is bone stock and traction is a huge problem. I love to find better tires but would like to use the stock rims.
  3. Tell me about soon as you make any modifications to the car it equals 0 traction. I found a set of 15x10s that may clear the swaybar end and caliper but dont know for sure until I se it myself. Im looking to get a set of DOT Slicks for the track...
  4. Thanks for the offer but mine is 2010 and even if they would fit I'm still not sure what direction I want to go with this car. I sure wish there was a tire out there that you could run everyday and get good traction. Drag radials or slicks for the track are fine but it still dosen't help on a daily basis. Suppose some new camaro meets you at a light. From everything I've heard he'll get you out of the hole. By the time you catch him the speeds would be way to unsafe for the street. Or more than likely he'll have shut down already and have a big smile on his face. All because of poor traction. :(
  5. I'm currently running BF G-Force KWAs that do fairly well on the street on a set of 20's with the stock 285 in the rear. They hug the road very well. I setup my suspension for road racing and went to an event at the Las Vegas Speedway and ran on the 3 mile course. Learned alot about my car doing that. It was the Shelby Vegas Bash in January. Its every year and there are some impressive rides out on the track with you. Check it out for next year.
  6. not sure of the rear brakes on your gt500s but a 15x8 with 5.5 inches of backspacing will go on a 05 gt. then go for a 26 or 27inch slick
  7. From what I know the GT and GT500 share the same rear brake system. I'm looking at a 15x10 6.5 bs with a 27x11.5 Hoosier Pro Quicktime tire. Im not worried too much about the tire rubbing just the rim fitting over the brakes and sway bar end. Thanks for the info...
  8. Wish I could help more on this one.

    I purchased the nitto 555 drag radials, 305/40/18 and another set of stock rims for the strip.

    And I still have traction issues. However, I think it might be more with the track conditions, tire pressure, and suspensions.

    I do regret not getting the mickey thompson ET streets. Everyone else seems to be having better luck with those.
  9. I had my 2010 svt wheels widened to 18x11 in the front and 18x12 in the rear and I run 315 on the front and 335 on the rear, but I do have a 1.5 inch spacer on each corner. The overall traction and handling of the car is greatly improved with this set up. Jeff