GT500 Order Product Summary and Options

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  1. thanks for posting that.Brads site has been hard to get to last couple of days and my salesman was in the dark about shelby ordering.:nice:
  2. I noticed that one of the options is "Sirius Radio". What exactly is this? Do you have to pay a monthly premium to have the service or does the radio automatically pick up all the stations. Is this option really worth it? :shrug:
  3. Sirius radio is one of the 2 satellite radio providers. Yes there is a subscription fee (somewheres around 12 or 13 dollars a month for Sirius). XM radio is the only competition but most manufacturers have their car radios set to receive one or the other but not both (when satellite enabled). You get a ton of channels including every genre you can think of, sports, talk shows, comedy channels, news and even Howard Stern if you can take him!

    I have cars with both XM and Sirius satellite radio systems and they are both very good. I haven't bought one CD for my cars since I got them and the variety and sound quality is awesome. Sirius has no commercials and XM has only a few. if you travel a lot it is great not to have to change radio channels every few miles.

    You could buy a standard radio and pay about 100 plus installation for an after market component unit later but the quality is not nearly as good.

    Ford and Chrysler supports Sirius, GM and Toyota and Lexus vehicles come with XM.

    Definitely worth every penny in my books...
  4. I would think this option includes just the radio receiver, and you would still have to pay the monthly subscription fee. They might throw in a few months of the subscription, but it's still probably not worth it.
  5. With the Sirius option you get 6 months subscription as part of the cost.

    I've had Sirius for 3 months and it is worth every penny I paid for it. If you sign up for longer subscriptions the price goes down substantially. One of the reasons why I've been waiting to get an 07 Mustang is so I can get Sirius built in. Now that I have Sirius I've completely quit listening to regular radio, Sirius is that much better than old fashioned commercial overloaded radio.
  6. Any ideas or thoughts on the California pkg or the GT apperance pkg. I realy like the fact they are finaly doing something with the hood. I hope there are some pic's of these option pkgs soon, I am dying to see what that hood scoop and new facias look like.
  7. I was kind of suprised/disappointed that on a $40,000 car the door inserts are "soft vinyl." My wife's Focus has "soft vinyl" door inserts! Definately would have to go with the interior upgrade package. I hope Ford decides to sell that option with the GT's. I would love to have more leather and soft touch plastics in a GT.

  8. Photos have been up on Brad's site (mustangsource) for several weeks.
    Sorry but StanNet does not allow links to that sight.
    You should be able to google and find the site.
  9. That site seems to be down right now, I will keep trying, thanks for the heads up.
  10. I see that 40k number being thrown around again. Do we have an actual BASE PRICE yet. I know msrp doesn't mean much now but in 18 months it might!

  11. I posted this on another thread here but it seems nobody paid any attention to it.

    Over on StangsUnleashed (BON), Robert Lane has a video interview with the Mustang Brand manager. In one of the clips the Mustang brand manager says (March 13, 2006):

    Those of you hoping for a $39,999 MSRP may have to dig a bit deeper into your wallets.