GT500 Owners Post Up

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by chuckdoc, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. :SNSign:

    O.K. This is simple. If you have the keys to your GT500 and can go out to your garage and look at it, please post up. I know of MK2_GT and the evo modders, but how about everyone else?

    This thread will help us get an idea of who owns one so we can ask the right people questions.

    p.s. I don't (yet) :nonono:

    I'll try to do a head count as we go. Let's find out!


  2. Had mine since 7-13-06. I love it!
  3. My dads is on its way. Should be here middle of next month. I live at home, so itll be right close. Ill probably end up sleepin in it the first few nights.
  4. Some one did not read the original post!
  5. I believe the thread creator wants people to reply with "Why yes, I do have the keys to my GT500 and can look at in my garage any time I want -- thanks for asking.":D

  6. Nothing that cheesy.... :lol:

    I've just noticed this board in particular has a lot of people interested in the GT500 and VERY few that say they already have there's. Since I posted this I've been to other sites and found some dedicated forums....

    Not to knock this board, I still enjoy it here, but the guys on here either don't have there Shelby yet or are being quiet about it for some reason (except the people that have already posted, of course...)

  7. bump for any new owners...
  8. Here's mine

    View attachment 440060

    Just got it a couple of days ago. Had to drive it home from the dealership in the rain but it handled much better than I thought it would on a wet road. Although I didn't really push her either. Got a chance to give it a bit of a push when I got close to home and the road dried up. Wow. You come up on the back of cars really quickly! In short, love it!:D
  9. I'll drink to that! NICE car!!!!
  10. Nice Pic... looks like you got the fastest color!

  11. ConGrats on a winner in the making!
  12. Hello

    Just got mine today.

    Vista blue with the grey strip
  13. Great looking car Opant!
  14. Got mine just two days ago,
    blue with the silver strips
  15. Had mine for two weeks and only one ticket!

  16. Thats a beautiful car man, you cannot beat the color of those red and white :nice: shelbys.
  17. I picked up my Shelby the first week of Sept. I paid invoice for the car. The deale

  18. My new Shelby

  19. Have mine in the shop..grabber orange,tungsten stripes,prem interior.Awesome car.