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  1. has any one seen any selling for msrp at local dealer? how long can the prices stay this high I thought they where going to make enough for every one.
  2. As long as there are dumb asses out there willing to pay way over MSRP the dealers will continue to take advantage. I don't expect to see GT500's selling for MSRP until may this time next year. Remember, the '07 model will be an anniversary edition (Shelby's 40th) so the prices will get jacked once again I'm sure.

  3. I don’t think they will hit MSRP till at least this time next year or later. That’s one reason we bought ours now for a "good deal".

    I talked to my brother-in-law who has been working on some prototypes and he said he doesn’t think Ford is going to continue the GT500 into 09. Ford wants to keep them a low production car and also doesn’t know if Shelby will even sign another contract to extend them a year or two.
  4. a guy that works at the local Ford dealership bought a gt500 for himself for $60,000! if the price is still jacked up for them i seriously doubt it will come down anytime soon.
  5. I am not one that has to be the "First on the block" with the new hot cars..
    In other words I am not willing to pay the first on the block tax that goes along with this priviledge:notnice:
    I am willing to bet that you will be able to buy a two year old 06/07 with LOW miles for $30,000-$35,000....:nice:
  6. If you started look for a shebly back in march of 2006 you could have found a good deal but most of the MSRP or close are long gone. I live in florida and got the run-a-round from local dealers so i got on the web and printed every ford dealers from florida to canda and started calling. I was one many call back list as the price was not out yet. Then i got my brake i called a dealer in Michigan real nice guys spoke with the fleet mang. told me they were gitting two cars the owner wanted one and i could have the second. ALL I HAD TO DO WAS PAY THERE FEE TO GET THERE CERIT. i jumped at the deal knowing i would get my car late this year maybe even next year . As luck would have it the owners car got pulled for production in july, but the wanted a vert with shacker 1000. So they put my car in his place . And i won the shebly loto got my car for about 2k over it was built 8/8/06 picked her up with 7 miles on her 9/16/06
  7. A good friend of mine wanted one until he started getting jacked around by every dealership he went into. So he went the easy way and bought a Vette. They treated him very well, he got a great deal, and his ZO6 will dust a Shelby everytime in the quarter and on the twisties.

    Isnt it crazy that Ford is cutting benefits, closing plants, and laying off loyal workers trying to stay afloat yet the stealerships continue to treat customers like dirt?
  8. I bought a GT500. Yes, I paid too much (65k). I have a brother-in-law that works for the dealer (the only way that I get it for 65 instead of 67k). However, the dealership bought the car from another dealer (12k), and marked it up to a very happy buyer (me).

    Dealerships have the right to make a profit, and profit is not evil. Keep in mind that anything is only worth what someone pays for it, and everything else is potential value. Those who make villians out of Ford for being a publicly traded company beholden to shareholders for profit simply do not understand basic American business principles. The same goes for dealerships. What makes the arguments about price gouging more rediculous is that there is not one single person that MUST have a GT500. Gouging implies that a company is overcharging for a critical item during a time of need (See Oil companies for examples). I would liked to have paid 45k for my Shelby, but that was not possible in the Seattle area. I'm not a bad person because I decided to pay this price, thus pricing many of you out of the Shelby market. Too bad, not everybody in this forum needs a GT500.

    Besides I parked the car on the street for a couple of hours, and 4 people stopped and took pics. Your buddy's ZO6 won't get th Shelby style reaction!
  9. Lugbolt,

    Good for you on your purchase, and kudos for stating your true price. I called around for a price on this car and didn't see much under 60k. In the end I opted for a Saleen PJ Edition, but I love both cars!

    Enjoy your ride and don't worry about your premium - that won't mean anything compared to the years of enjoyment you'll get from knowing you own a genuine Shelby mustang!

  10. What happened to depreciation of a new-car the instant it's driven off a dealership lot? Aren't some people worried that these cars are going to carry large amounts of negative equity for at least 3 years?

    I can't afford a car like this at the current price, but I still wonder what happens to the people that buy this car, marked up the way it is, and then realize that it really isn't what they expected after the frist 2 months wear off...

    Maybe I just miss SVT
  11. My argument is that if a Shelby is worth 65K or more, thats the price Ford should set as the MSRP.

    Dealers are greedy. I would liketo see someone try and agrue that point.
  12. "Dealers are greedy. I would liketo see someone try and agrue that point."

    Almost as greedy as the Powerlease guys that sold their certificates.
  13. just a SVT

    People keep forgetting that the GT500 is nothing but a SVT mustang built at FOMOCO. This car is NOT built at the SHelby INC shop. Carroll Shelby nor any of his staff touch this car as it's being built. IT isn't even registered at Shelby INC.You can't find a number on this car that will lead you to Shelby INC. That's the reason I keep saying that this car is not worth any amount over MSRP. What will it be worth in ten years? I would say about half of what the Shelby gt will be worth simply because it's built by Carroll Shelby INC and will have a Shelby serial number. Don't rip me too bad Ricks ! lol

  14. Same thing happened to me. Had an MSRP deal on the table for a year.. until time came to order the car.. then got screwed. I got a Z06 instead. I made lots of calls(150+) before I found the price I wanted to pay, but it is worth every penny!!!
  15. "People keep forgetting that the GT500 is nothing but a SVT mustang built at FOMOCO. This car is NOT built at the SHelby INC shop."

    Neither were the 68's, 69's of 70's. Shelby lost the lease for their factory at Los Angeles International Airport in 1967 so production of the Shelby cars was moved to Michigan under Ford Motor Company control.
  16. All those Shelby mustangs had Shelby serial numbers. They are all registered by Shelby INC.
  17. Wel, if you don't have one, you probably shouldn't buy one. If you do have one, you should consider selling it.:shrug:

    For me, the choice between mine and the Saleen for the same money was an easy one.:)
  18. I think the price will come down very soon. With all the special editions coming in 2008 as well as the Shelby GT and the new engine in 2008 people will not want the GT500, it will be a thing of the past until it is also updated. Same thing happened with the Mach 1 when the new Mustang came out, dealers could not give them away even with $3000 rebates. Ford needs to have more contol over its dealers, it is a shame that american car companies do this every time they get a nice car.
  19. Its not just the GT500, I tried to buy a Cobra in 98, same run around, the dealership had two of them and wanted alot more than msrp. Neither of us would budge, so I bought a VR4 instead.
  20. Two words: Supply + Demand.

    Dealers better enjoy it, because at 7-9k produced over 3 years this thing is going back down to msrp. The body style change will also deter all but the true Shelby fans from playing.

    By then Ford will be owned by Toyota anyway... lol