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  1. People can complain all they want and in my eyes I agree to a degree. 65k is jus too much for a mustang. Even with all the power the gt500 has. ( they dont handle that great). However, can someone try and convince me that a dealer is in business to give people cars for ultra low prices or to make the highest profits possible? People that whine about the price of this car really cant afford it to begin with. Anyone that runs their business without trying to make as much a profit as the market will allow isnt making all that much money. Once you get into cars that cost 40k and more your talking abut an expensive car here. Chances are you can swing the markup if you really want the car that bad. The dealer knows this. People that pay 20k in markup on this particular car really are stupid though. This car isnt limited addition, in my eyes its not even a real shelby. Carrol Shelby had no engineering output on it at all. Its simply the baddest SVT ever made. Bar none. So paying the markup when in a year there will be plenty to go around. Jus dumb. A gotta be the first on the block to have it attitude. Same thing happened with the 03 cobra and now that car is the best used performance buy on the market. That same fate with happen to the new gt500. Great low mileage used buy.
  2. A guy in Hawaii paid 84,XXX for his. UnFreekingBelievable. :notnice:
  3. Stealerships are out to make money, so bravo for them. They'll make an extra $10K-$25K in ADM per GT500 sold. Woohoo. Sound economics (always love that holier than thou "supply and demand" garbage).

    Someone ought to tell the Asian automakers - they're out there doing stupid things like offering value and moving units in bulk. No wonder they're in so much trouble, stoopid Asians.

    These "moron-markups" achieve two things - increased sales of Corvettes (cos, why not?), and job cuts at Ford.:nice: But hey, most people who drive a $40K car (for which they paid $65K) will probably never have to look an unemployed Detroit family-man in the eye, so fk 'em, right?

    And as for you "supply and demand" advocates, there's a market out there for everything, which, strictly speaking, can be dressed-up as "thupply 'n' d'mand". If you're still not convinced, PM me, cos I'm thinking about becoming a dealer for this GREAT power-adder for your shiney-new GT500's - Oo, look - Tiger's eyes on the homepage, so you know it works!


    Ok, I'm off to call Toyota and let them in on an idea I have which, if played JUST right, will keep their cars on dealers lots and drive potential customers into the loving arms of their competitors. No, wait, it doesn't sound so good, now that I write it down...
  4. The right answer is somewhere in between pure supply & demand and this last post.... Because c'mon, there's not a single Shelby sitting unsold on lots, and none of this has a damn thing to do with the competitiveness of the auto industry. The only thing that I'm gleaning from the last post is that Ford should produce more Shelbys to meet demand at MSRP. Then everyone would be screaming that the Shelby rarity and name and mystique had been whored, and that the brand equity was tossed-down the crapper in the name of making alot of money in one run, instead of alot of money over a LONG run (i.e. multiple generations of Shelbys). Nope, the only problem here is that the demand is higher than anyone originally anticipated (even Ford), so the initial bubble of premiums-for-goobers has lasted far longer than anyone originally predicted...
  5. Auto industry depends on loyal customers, it is proven when you are loyal to a brand you only buy from them and you brag about them constantly. Ford would be much better off making twice as many GT500's and selling them at MSRP in the long run. Raping a customer on price does not build any loyalty. It is very rare to find someone that says they will only buy a ford. Hell, I do not know anyone that will only buy a GM or Chrysler for that matter. I do know many that will only buy Toyota, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Nissan, and just about every reputable import brand out their. You have to build brand loyalty in the Auto industry and Ford Dealers are not doing it. Selling for 10-20K over sticker is losing them money in the long run. Anyone out there that does not believe that has not run a multi-million dollar business.
  6. I would never have posted this, but for my experiences when the 197 came out end 04. Dealers were doing the same thing with GT's (limited production, blah blah), but to a lesser extent, obviously. They were also showing only 1 GT, and claiming they were getting them one at a time. I then found out (and saw) that the were stashing them out back, out of sight, to feign rarity.

    I'd love to know Ford's production v's sales #'s to date on the GT500.

    As for rarity, as noted above, this is a production model Ford. It would be rare enough, with it's high MSRP (for a juiced Mustang).
  7. "I'd love to know Ford's production v's sales #'s to date on the GT500"

    I would also love these numbers, look at the GT40, they tried the same thing with them and they are all over the lots still. Easy to get one for MSRP now. The list can go forever, every time ford gets a winner their dealers do this. GT40, Thunderbird, Mach 1, Regular GT in 2005 when they came out, GT500, and soon to be Boss ect.
  8. I don't know about the sales numbers but I do know the GT500 is all ready losing it's WOW value. I saw one being unloaded today at our local Ford dealer. (black with white stripes) It sat there the whole time I was at the dealership and I was the only person to even look at it. This place was real busy with customers walking around all over the lot and I was the only person interested in it. Maybe it was the white stripes. It looked like a police car. For me I'd have to have silver stripes with the black paint.I figure by this summer I will own one and I bet it will be the color I want at msrp. We should be able to judge how they will sell by how high they sell for at the 2007 Barrett-Jackson auction. I'm sure some dumb sole will try to sell theirs at this auction with no reserve.Should be interesting!
  9. The boss is already out and from what i have seen on ebay the dealers are asking $60,000+.
  10. And yes, the Parnelli Jones Saleen MSRP's for a little north of $60K...

    "The Boss is already out..." Good gravy :rolleyes:
  11. Yes i realize it is made by Saleen and its the Parnelli Jones but why are they also referring to it as the boss and why does it look like the new boss. Also why does it have the new 302 5.0L?
  12. Bottom line, it's not the Boss model that Ford is working on in-house. It's a Saleen, tribute edition to Parnelli Jones. Saleen doesn't call it a "Boss", but I'm sure the bozo dealers hocking them on eBay are using that word as a keyword to gain more search hits.

    Why ask why when the answers are available on Google?? Read up on the Saleen Parnelli Jones, it's an amazing piece, I'd love one myself.
  13. This is where I chime in and show a picture of my Parnelli.... (isn't internet great?)


    And the stroked 302 ***Not the Boss Motor***


    The Ford Mustang Boss when it comes out is going to be awesome. I pity the potential buyers with all this GT500 hype going around. I did pay 60k for the Saleen, but that was MSRP - not a dime over. Also there's only 500 being made, mine is serialized number 57, it has awesome suspension, forged internals, high compression, and 400hp from a NA motor. It has signatures on the dash from Steve Saleen and Parnelli Jones. It is NOT the BOSS, but a modern replica of Parnelli's winning 1970's Boss Mustang.




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  14. Cool Car !!!! Lover the Shaker hood and assy. I hope the Boss 302 Mustang will be stickered in the mid 30's like Fomoco said.
  15. Chuckdoc,
    That is a beautiful car. I grew up following the exploits of that car and what it did to the Trans-Am series. Saleen is to be commended for doing such a wonderful tribute.