Gt500 Rear Fascia

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  1. I love the GT500 Rear Fascia.

    Does anyone know if these can be purchased so I can install it on my gt....or do you have to own a gt500 to get gt500 replacement parts?
  2. Dunno, but I like the Roush 427 fascia as well, go check it out. Im sure you'll like it and we all know you can purchase one of those.
  3. Brn,

    Is the prt no: AR3Z-17F828-AA

    The picture that it shows is awfully small and it is hard to tell if it is the GT 500 valance.

    What price were you quoted? There are no prices on the website and I dont want a bunch of dealers calling me with quotes.


    I sort-of liked the Roush rear valance, but after seeing it in person, its is very "boxy." After seeing the GT500 valance, I fell in love. The car is, however, being adorned with the rest of the Roush body package :)
  4. you can only order the rear diffuser (which is different from a gt500 diffuser) if you pay to have the dealer install it for you. It wont let you order it for yourself.

    Still a pretty good deal at $238 installed....if your dealer will honor that price.
  5. I'm diggin the rear diffuser...and the decklid panel. It'll look good on grabber blue :nice:
  6. Yes thats the part # If you go to where it sayed dealer quote all it does is locate a dealer close to you . then it will give me a price. My family has a body shop so we get parts at a discount. And as I know you can buy it with out the dealer having to put it on.
  7. Strange, I am not given the option to have it shipped to other parts on that site. The only options I have is to have a dealer install it.

    I am going to try and have my dealer order it as a dealer installed option....if my car ever gets here.
  8. allcarfan I got my rear fascia in today. Going to put it on tomorrow
    I'ill post some pictures . Also puting on a set of Magnaflow axle
    back with 4" tips
  9. No shipping cost if it goes to the dealer and most will sell to you at a discount.
  10. Was it difficult to install? Did you have to go to the dealer in order to purchase or was there an option to have it sent to your house?
  11. I just did the install on the 2011CS/GT500 rear facia onto a 2010 Roush 540RH. It took 3 of us approxiamatly 2 hours total and we were not trying to set a land speed record (I had 2 buddies there to hold the bumper after removal so I didnt have to remove all the light connectors, otherwise you can do this solo). Tools required a very short phillips screwdriver, and I mean very short unless you want to remove your rear tires. You will also need a short flat tip screwdriver to remover the plastic pop fasteners that hold on the lower facia. You will have to remove the entire back bumper to reach a 4 screws however the bumper comes off the car like legos once you take the screws from the rear fenderwell.

    I ordered the part through a Ford dealership, and trust me you can do this install yourself. If you have any questions shoot me a PM or we can hash it out in this thread. Enjoy.

  12. You can buy anyhting your heart desires for a gt500, you do not need to own one..

    I put a 2010 Gt500 front end on my gt a few months back after an unfortunate incident with a Deer...

    The gt500 rear bumper cover is the same as a gt... only the lower valance is different. AR3Z-17F828-AA is the part number, list price is $150...

    Any Ford dealer can order, and anyone who can actually work on a mustang(easy) can install it themselves.
  13. any pics of installs?
  14. It was freakin' nuts. The instructions said "next step, remove rear bumper" lol.
  15. Is removal of the bumper really necessary or is it just something that makes the install easier?
  16. I just installed my GT/CS rear fascia (same as GT500 ?) tuesday.
    I saw it advertised on ebay as a OEM GT replacement valance. But from the photo, I knew what it was.
    I got it for $80 !!
    It was a little bit of a pain to install (SOLO) with no instructions & no lift. I did not remove the rear bumper completely but did have it pulled lose on both sides. I lost alot of skin I didnt even notice till I was finished!
    I found a 1/4 drive ratchet, 1/4 socket w/phillips bit incerted to be very usefull for not removing tires, also for screws inside the panel.
    I love the look, with my Boss front and splitter. Looks great!
    I plan on getting the Roush side splitters too.
    GOOD LUCK:nice:
  17. I did mine with only losening the sides and partly both rear sides. But I was alone with no one to hold anything, and I was 95% there with removal. So if you have help, you might want to go all the way. There are plastic pins that need to be pulled, that go around as far as the corner of the tail lites. very hard to reach. You will lose some skin off your knuckes.
  18. 2011gt500-back.jpg