GT500 Shaker 1000 sound quality issue??

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by fkarzenowski, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. So I bought a 2005 Mustang GT new when it first came out. It had the Shaker 1000 sound system. It sounded great and definately rumbled inside the car. I recently purchased a 2008 Shelby GT500 with the Shaker 1000 and it sounds NOTHING like the from my '05 GT.

    Is the Shaker 1000 less powerful now? Is there a way of making it sound better? I took it in for a warranty check to see if it was right, and they said it was..... anyone have any suggestions/input??

    Thanks alot!!!!
  2. I may be in the same situation. I recently bought a used 07 GT500 with the Shaker 1000 and it doesn't sound as good as the Shaker 500 in my 06 GT. I was wondering what's up with that? After all is like a $1,200 option.

    I've tried adjusting the base and treble, turning the subwoofer on and off, but it just doesn't sound as good as the Shaker 500.

    I hope we get some suggestions on this.
  3. I'm new to this site, I have not really messed with the shaker systems, But if you can give me alittle more info, as in the difference in the amps, head units, type of speakers, how many watts each is pushing, how many amps(subwoofer,rear channel, front channel), and so forth I might be able to help on this issue, as I've been messing with stereo systems since the age of 12. You can email me at [email protected], i'll do some research and see what I can come up with. TTYL.
  4. I have heard of people having wiring/cable connectivity issues straight from the factory with the Shaker system, especially from '07 and '08 models. May want to have it taken it apart and make sure.

  5. Hmmm...perhaps your subs are not working?

    Did you try turning the trunk shakers on and off to see if they are working? Check all your settings in the new car and the old car.

    Also, check all your fuses. They are all in the passenger side main fuse box. There are six amps in the shaker 1000 system...perhaps one is getting no juice. There are two above the driver's side kick-panel above the fuel shutoff (those are for the door mounted 8 inch woofers) and 4 in the trunk - one for each voice coil on the subs...each sub is dual voice coil.