GT500 Supercharger impressions

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  1. GT500 Supercharger first impressions

    When I first got the car, It seemed a bit sluggish at times. Now that I ahve learned more about the car, it really flies . The Super Charger is set to really engage high in the RPM band. At 5000 RPM , it really kicks in. The more I learn about boosting in this particular car the faster it gets.
  2. Thanks for posting that - I enjoyed reading about your GT500. I was able to read it before you edited it. I have noticed similar characteristics with my Roushcharged '06 GT. The supercharger whine is intoxicating.

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  3. Sounds like as time goes on the cars will get quicker. Thats cool. I ran one in my Stang.... lets just say it wasnt even in the same Zip code. But Im sure modded it will be a different story. :nice:
  4. I dont care what form of forced induction it comes in, it sounds soooo awesome. Centrifugal, roots, twin screw, hybrid, turbo, you name it, theyre head turners.

    Havent seen (nonetheless heard) a Shelby yet around here, but I cant wait.

    I took a buddy of mine for a ride in the blown Ranger tonight, he could not get over the whine of the Eaton.

    Which blower is Roush using in the Mustangs?
  5. Randy, the Roush looks sweet!
  6. Thanks! I substituted some GT500 intercooler system parts in my install, such as the coolant tank (visible on top) , lower radiator w/bracket, pump w/bracket and pre-formed hoses, so mine is sort of a hybrid. I did it for aesthetics mainly, and to avoid drilling any holes in my car.

    I really like the GT500 - Ford did a great job despite the weight of the car. I want the brakes for mine!

    Roush uses the Eaton M90, so it produces the same signature whine as the '03/'04 Cobra and '07 Shelby, although it is a bit smaller than both.
  7. i thought the roush blower was bigger then a m90? i thought it was the 112? that kit makes really impressive power considering that blowers size.
  8. Ahh, I see. Saleen used to use the M90 as well.
  9. MM&FF just tested a Roush Stage 3 car and got 391 rwhp. The little blower that could!
  10. question for mk2

    When does it feel like the blower is kicking in? Do you have to rap it out before you notice it?

    I like the GT500 setup, but in some ways I feel a twin-screw would have been a better choice, like the Ford GT has. From what I read it allows more power in across the entire band instead of a lag effect.

    But I don't own either, yet:rolleyes:

  11. Being a roots type blower, itll build boost right from the bottom. If its not hitting hard from the bottom, then Im sure Ford has the motor choked up somewhere in the tuning to help driveability and reliability.

    Disclaimer: I know nothing. :D
  12. there should be absolutely no lag at all from the blower itself. any rise in power at any part of the curve is entirely reliant on head flow at a certain lift and the cams used. regardless of whether its twin screw or roots the operate in a generally same principal. a centrifugal on the other hand builds boost as the rpms rise.
  13. ford has in program of gt500 50 start-ups/drive cycles.
    So engine has time to brake in before full
    just did p.d.i. inspection on 8/31/06
    had no boost at first entil driving for some
    miles seemed weak .
    call ford an they stated that in is in the program not to full boost entile proper
    time has passted and certine drive cycles are meet. just thaught might like to hear from ford tech.
  14. Any idea what the length of that time/drive cycle is?