GT500 tuner and air intake?

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  1. Hi All,
    I'm new to the forum, but have been a regular visiter of Stangnet for years (great site!) I own an '07 GT500 and am looking for a good tuner and possibly an air intake as well to give me a bit more power. Any suggestions out there on good tuners and air intakes for this vehicle?

  2. I have an 08,Just did the Evolution Performance stage 2 with a very positive result.Steeda makes kits also but they come tuned to 91 octane.Evo does a custom tune to what you request and since its 93 octane in my area thats what I went with.If you are going for the intake and tuner you might as well go for the smaller pulley as well.The results really exceded my expectations.
  3. Thanks so much. Have you done just a tune? Do you know how much hp you gained?
  4. I did just a tune on my 05 F-150 4x4 and it helped alot-One of the main benifits of a tuner is what it can do for an automatic transmission.On the GT-500 I did it all at once.I have not put it on the dyno but same mods on same car are producing 540-560 rwhp where stock is around 410 rwhp.My advice is to step up and do it right.This way there are no dissapointments.The extra horsepower does have the ability to overcome some of the traction control-Which is basically abs brakes being applied when wheel slippage is sensed.If you driver her a bit hard you will notice more brake dust on the rear wheels because of this.
  5. I went with the steeda pulley,maf,and sct tune for a total of 508 rwhp! The maf sounds great and everything together made 70 more hp. F1's just won't hold up and stock contol arms don't cut it either. Went with the steeda upper and lower control arms with BFG DR 295 and really helped. So far my best time is 12.1 @119 with a 1.99 60':( . With more practice I'll be in 11's easy. Still have stock exhaust which I know is costing me et.
  6. Hungaryford,What size pulley did you go with,And did you do a cold air intake or just change the stock mass air flow sensor?Thanks
  7. I believe the pulley steeda recommends and sells is 2.5". Also the cold air intake I put on is also Steeda. I had a hard time taking off the stock pulley which is common it bent the pulley remover!
  8. I went with the JLT CAI and a tune by Justin Starkey at VMP Tuning (SCT XCal2).
    Picked up 70 HP and it runs great - the blower really screams now.
  9. Intake and tune repeated gains of 70-90 RWHP
    Intake, Pulley and tune will net you 115-130 RWHP

    From a quality tuner and CAI manufacture :)

    Steeda pulley is 2.7
    METCO is 2.6