GT500 vs Vette

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  1. I agree. Every german car I've owned has had a major problem, and everyone Ive spoken to that owns audi, bmw, mercedes has their car 'in the shop for weeks already'. I think the weakest point in german cars is the electrical system. Although you CANT argue that americans have better TQM and manufacturing quality boundaries than the japanese and germans, it sure seems that our cars withstand alot more abuse than theirs.
  2. I had a bad feeling it would turn to this, quality this, quality that.

    I'm a very lucky person, I won a settlement, and I pretty much have the choice of owning any car I want. But, I decided (6 mos ago) that I was too young to make any decisions, and invested 80% of the money into a long CD. I already bought a house, and have a newborn son, so, i'm not really in the market right now for a car, and if I was, I would'nt be shopping at any american car dealerships. Before I turn 30 i'll own my porsche, and i'll be happy.

    Whatever happened to just being able to have an opinion. Everyone gets ripped for what they say, like with the quality thing. It's annoying, oh well, I expect more from you guys....

    I could have bought any car I wanted, and I chose a stock '99 Limited, because I thought it was perfect for me, and it is. In time i'll have a "supercar", i'm too young for that right now.
  3. i drove a C6 Z51. dont get me wrong, it handled good, better than my stang, but not as good as the M3. the M3 is unbelievably solid and predictable, especially with the goodyear eagle tires he has.
  4. i agree, my buddy used to srive an audi TT 225. that car had more problems than anything ive seen. electrical problems too. wierd stuff like the MAF sensor and TPS going out.
  5. wow sounds like this has turned it to quite the intersting topic, but i figured i would through my 02. cents in anyway. Both cars are totally in a league of there own, the new Z06 is just nuts, i mean looks at the times the thing posted at the nurberg in in germany, i believe it had one of the best times for the track, beating porshe's and etc hands down, and yes it maybe 10-15 grand more in the price deptartment, but i think the car is a more all around car than the GT500, and just think this is a NA car, granted its 7 liters but hey look at what ligenfelter did with it after they got there hands on it.
    Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE) 2005 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Twin-Turbo 427
    427 c.i. (7.0L) Twin-Turbo V-8 engine (725 HP)

    Original engine removal, inspection, and disassembly
    GM 7.0L aluminum block
    4340 forged steel crankshaft
    Custom forged aluminum pistons
    Forged steel connecting rods
    Computer balanced rotating assembly
    LPE CNC-porting and hand polishing of cylinder heads
    2.02-inch intake/1.57-inch exhaust valves
    Custom double valve springs with titanium retainers
    LPE hydraulic roller camshaft and lifters
    Two Garret hybrid GT-series ball-bearing turbochargers
    High efficiency liquid-to-air charge cooler
    High efficiency liquid-to-air heat exchanger, pump, and coolant tank
    Custom molded silicone air ducts
    Custom stainless-steel exhaust manifolds
    Custom stainless-steel turbo outlet adapters
    LPE belt-driven turbocharger scavenge pump and oil reservoir
    Conical air filters, heat shields, and stainless-steel clamps
    LPE MAF sensor
    High capacity fuel system
    Oversized fuel injectors
    LPE rear mount battery system
    Corsa 2.5-inch diameter stainless-steel cat-back dual exhaust system
    Professional installation, tuning, and dyno testing
    LPE Twin-Turbo Engine Package (installed): $52,995

    Engine/Tranny/Safety Upgrades (1,100 HP)

    Custom Moldex billet steel crankshaft
    Billet steel connecting rods
    Heavy-duty timing chain set
    FAST intake manifold
    Upgraded fuel injectors and support electronics
    Secondary fuel pump system
    High-flow fuel rails with adjustable fuel pressure regulator
    Custom Corsa 3-inch diameter stainless-steel exhaust system
    TiAL blow-off valves
    TiAL external waste gates
    LPE custom dry sump oil system
    Custom GT35R ball-bearing turbochargers (special water cooled turbos)
    Custom stainless-steel exhaust manifolds and outlets
    Higher capacity intercooler with remote rear-mounted coolant tank
    Electronic boost controller
    Transmission overhaul including H-D main shaft and gear sets
    3.15:1 rearend differential gear set
    Heavy-duty differential output shafts
    McLeod dual-disk clutch with sintered iron disks
    Clutch scattershield with transmission safety blanket
    6-point roll bar with removable side door bars
    Recaro racing seats
    5-point racing seat belt system
    Boost gauge with gauge pod
    Shift light
    Fire extinguisher
    Video camera mount
    1,100 HP Upgrades (installed): $94,500

    Additional Upgrades

    DRM/Bilstein coil-over shocks/springs
    Special anti-roll bar end links
    HRE 844R 19x10-inch (front) and 20x12.5-inch (rear) forged aluminum wheels
    Michelin Pilot Sport 2 285/35ZR19 (front) and 335/30ZR20 (rear) tires
    Chevrolet Z06 front and rear fenders, front fascia, painting, installation
    Labor to modify vehicle for oversized wheels/tires
    Brembo 4-piston calipers, 14-inch diameter 2-piece, cross-drilled rotors, heavy-duty brake pads, stainless-steel brake lines (front and rear)
    Innovative Motorsports air/fuel meter and data acquisition system
    LPE additional upgrades (installed): $29,935.99

    Total Upgrades Price: $177,430 (Not including vehicle)
    Total Package Price: $225,860 (Including $48,430 Corvette C6)
    so to say that the GT500 with just a few bolt ons will be able to destroy the Z06 and Viper, i mean the ligenfelter and the henessey viper are on the rarer side but i just do not see anybody comming close to what these companies have done with the vette and viper even in there "tuned down" packages, And yes i also belive that ford was worried to much about making money on this car rather than, trying to devleop and test new things, i mean develop and lighter motor, work with the suspension, etc etc etc. and there is what i think is wrong with automakers today, i mean take some time to throughly develop things, dont just shove it out there trying to make the quick dollar, and improve as years go on, i mean this should have been one of those 1-2 year "special editions" like the anniversary ta's and etc, but people will find alot of flaws in it and i dont think after a few years of production it will have the same luster. so in short to say i would own one yes i would but to compare to a Z06 or viper or of the like i think is a little over the top.
  6. I would've bought a vette over my cobra because it handles great, but i have a big penis and i don't want to mix my signals to the womanz

  7. For me power isnt everything. The M3 is badass IMO, there's only two other cars in the world which i'd pay $$$$$$$$ for, one is american. I think, maybe, if I were in the market, I would look into the 500, it is a pretty awesome car it seems, must be a blast to drive, and, as far as looks, I think it scores a 10/10.

    But I still got way too much love for the M class BMW, just love it, cant help it. I guess you really actually have to drive one to understand....I doubt many people get the chance to.

  8. :lol:
    even though ive never seen tom's penis

    yeah, the M3 really is an unbelievable car. i cant wait til my pops goes outta town so i can drive it around again. :D
  9. 'Vette vs. GT500

    I just read the Car and Driver article and it seems like the Corvette is the better deal/car. I was pulling for the GT500, but it seems like Ford priced the car too high and made it too heavy.

    I break it down like so:

    Price -- Equal. GT500 41k + $750 destination + $1300 gas guzzler tax + $1900 for the premium interior trim package and Shaker 1000 (I imagine most will get the options) total: $45,000. Dealer markup obviously has it higher than that. Also, it will cost a good bit more to fuel the 500 over the length of ownership. I believe a Z51 equipped 'Vette is about 44-45k ( I've heard you can get them cheaper).

    Looks -- 'Vette wins. They look like sex on wheels. The new 'Stangs look bloated and the rear end sticks up too high. This is subjective, however.

    The 'Vette gets much better gas mileage. This may not be a big deal for those buying these cars, but I think knocking down 28mpg on the highway is pretty nice for a car of that caliber.

    The 'Vette has a better suspention setup and handles better.

    WEIGHT!! -- the 'Vette is about 700lbs lighter!

    The 'Vette has better aero, higher top speed, better weight distribution -- ~51/49 vs ~58/42 for the GT500 (front heavy in comparison). The GT500 is also more top heavy with it's higher center of gravity (DOHC w/ blower on top doesn't help)

    Interior -- I don't know about this one because I haven't seen the 500's interior up close. The c6 looks good though.

    With mods, straight line speed will go to the 500, but for 45k, I would want more than a one trick pony.

    Maybe if the 500 was about 37k with no gas guzzler tax, I would feel different. :shrug:
  10. Just thought I'd add this:

  11. GT500:

    priced too high(equal or more than Z51 'Vette), 'Vette looks better, too heavy, inferior suspention, front heavy 58/42 weight distribution vs. 51/49 for 'Vette, less aerodynamic, more top-heavy(DOHC w/blower on top), poor gas mileage('Vette gets 28mpg) etc.

    The Cobra seems like a one trick pony(1/4 warrior) and for 45K+ I would want a car that offers more. Heck, even the Evo XI at 31k seems like much better deal.
  12. :lol:
  13. Interesting. Clutch chatter on a hot tranny. Wow, that ought to take about 5 minutes to heat up. Then your just ****ed because they call it normal? A normal ****up for Ford maybe. Unless its loud compared to other like units. Not sure about your Ford dealers, but if I owned a would probably be the only one my dealer ever worked on. Not sure I'd even trust them with that.

    QuickCapri -- Anyways....a car decision should be based on some research and personal choice. Can't go wrong with a Porsche or a M3. Beautiful cars, very well built...high performance. Maybe not perfect, this might go wrong, that might go wrong, the Ferrari F50 is faster...blah blah blah. The plastic pushtab holding down my shifter trim ring broke on my Mustang....but I'm still loving it.
  14. it depends on what part of the country you live in. I have atleast 10 Ford Dealerships within a 20 mile radius of my house so markups don't fly around here. they tried marking up the 03 Cobra but that didn't last long because we have options. Their was actually a few leftover 03 Cobras on a few lots.
  15. it ptobably has to do with the material of the clutch. its ceramic isn't it?
  16. my wife is considering letting me get another stang, if i promise not to mod it. of course i lied and agreed. man an 03 -04 cobra gets my blood boiling.

    i can resist anything but temptation.

    she's really after me from this last spending spree. it really doesn't matter how many times i tell her i'm spending however much i want to spend, she still calls it a money pit. i call it a hobby. 20grand is the limit i tell her. but 20 grand AND an 03 cobra, well that sounds about right.

    i'll just tell her the upper pulley is worn out, and it gets better mileage with a new tune, and CAI. yeah that's the ticket, i'll lie to her.
  17. Just tell her that having 200 pairs of shoes is a waste of money too, that's what I do haha. Everything that is not necissary to survive is an equal waste of money if you think about it.....
  18. Chevy could release a card board box with wheels, slap the Corvette logo on it, and Car & Driver would call it the best sports car in modern day history.:nonono:

    C&D is so pro Chevy (The Vette anyways) it's not even funny anymore.
  19. There really isn't much to not like about the 'Vette. BTW, Motor Trend is suppose to be pro Ford.