GT500 vs Vette

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  1. Don't forget about the most important thing.....the aftermarket.......the aftermarket kept the mustang going and put the camaro out for the count! Try bolting on 1000 bucks worth of bolt on to a vette and 1000 to a supercharged mustang and see the hp difference! I mean a pulley, tune and catback almost worth 80-90 hp....thats cost almost 2500-3000 grand to buy and install headers on a Z06!

  2. So if it costs "$3000" for headers AND pay someone to install them, that person is an idiot. Hell, Kook headers are about $1k, you mean to tell me someone is going to charge another $2k to INSTALL headers?
  3. I just dont know what to say about the 500 anymore, it just keeps getting worse the more I think about it. The weight.....seriously.....i'll defend ford, beyond what any one of us would call reasonable, but, this is just absolutly pathetic, and it pisses me the f u c k off. What the hell could they have been thinking? Absolutely ignorant, I seems as though they just didnt even care, at all....they certainly didnt make any effort towards saving weight IMO, and how dare them call it a shelby???? WTF! This guy is done, and i'm guessing made no engineering efforts at all, unless being overweight was considered when naming the car.

    I'll take the M3 or the M5 over both cars, to hell with it all. What I want out of a car it looks like neither can deliver.

    Or better yet, in about, well, 3 and 1/2 years, i'll have the money back, and i'll be buying myself the car of my dreams. My budget will be good. I'll probably be buying a 911 Carrera 4S. It will perform well enough to compete with any of these cars mentioned, and, no offense, looks arent even questionable. I'll always have my mustang or two, I just have a special place for a stang, gotta have one, gotta be tuning one, tweaking one....just having fun. The Porsche is entirely different, a different car for different reasons, but no doubt, I will most certainly be at the track with it, I will not be afraid of beating it, no way, I will learn how to drive it, and will manipulate it the best I can, man I cant wait....
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    355 hp (SAE) @ 6,600 rpm
    0-60 mph: 4.6 sec.
    Top Track Speed: 179 mph

    $ 87,100

    This is a huge investment, but, it's what I want. What can I say..... :shrug:
    This is a one time investment, and my last large one. I have my home, this will be my baby, and that's all she wrote. I'll still have my '99 Limited in 90% stock form, and will always be juggling a fox or two ;)
  4. Spending $87,100 on a performance car and finishing behind a $42,000 Corvette -- priceless.

    :D Just joshin' ya.
  5. Hah, yeah. But, hey, for a 3.8L, and the gearing....just sick Alot of things about this car are just....amazing. I've driven one very like it, same drivetrain, not the same year, and, well, there's just no way to explain what it's like. This car is nothing like the 500/vette! And maybe that's the whole idea.... :)
  6. going to go 911....go Turbo! Now those're sick!

    Rear-engine, 3.6 liters, 6 cyl.
    480 hp (SAE) @ 6,000 rpm
    460 lb-ft @ 1,950-5,000 rpm Performance
    0-60 mph: 3.7 sec.
    Top Track Speed: 193 mph
    $ 122,900
  7. You must not love your wife if you lie to her

    wtf i sound like ernad :doh:
  8. Its not that he doesn't love his wife....its just that he loves his car more!
  9. 80-95k is way up there way i'm touching a 100k for a car, the one I want, the 4S is fast enough...heh. I wont need all that power, i'll have a tuned stang for that ;)

  10. You haven't visited carerra/M forums before have you? all of them say the same thing then ended up selling their mustang