GT500 Wheel Info?

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  1. Looking at the specs on the GT500, they fit a 19x9.5 wheel in what looks like a stock wheel opening. Does anybody have the offset on this wheel? Better yet, is the wheel available for purchase? I had the chance to get up close and personal with a Ford GT, and it had 19s on the rear, and I'm wondering if that is the same wheel on the GT500.
  2. What offset for 9.5" wide wheels?

    I contacted SVT and they indicated that the production Shelby would start with 18" wheels. He stated the show car had wheels that were custom built from a supplier, and that they probably would not be on the market. He could not give me the offset.

    I also contacted Saleen, as their 18" wheels are 9.5" wide. The tech did not know the offset, and wasn't interested in finding out for me. He said that Saleen works closely with Ford and the Racing division, and had made their wheels based on specs provided by Ford.

    I'm very interested in 9.5" all the way around for my new 'Stang. Does anyone body know the desired offset to accomplish this?
  3. In 8.5" you need 35mm in 9" you need 40 mm and in 9.5" you need 45mm. There 07 wheel is made in chrome replica with a 18 X 9.5" with a 53mm offset which is more than plenty and is available at
    make sure you get the ones for the 05 (06/07shelby)
    GI Joe
  4. So at 45mm offset for the 9.5s, the wheel is about 3/4" closer to the strut. No rubbing on any components? A 53mm offset would put it about 1" closer. I'd be surprised if there wouldn't be some kind of rubbing...
  5. you got it backwards........
  6. I guess I'm confused. :shrug: I thought the offset was the difference between the centerline of the wheel and the mounting point. With the Mustang's positive offset, if the number is higher, it moves the mounting surface farther from the center point, which then moves the wheel closer to the strut.