GT500s on egay

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  1. Checked the sold items and there have been 11 recent sales from 58-66k.

    Current bids look like they'll go in the same range.

    I'm not in the market for one, so it's nothing to me, but I am amazed at how anxious people seem to be to throw away money.

    Nevertheless, if I was a dealer and I had a GT500 I'd auction it on egay too. (Of course this is if I hadn't already agreed to a price and taken a deposit.) Be stupid to sell a car for 45k when people are lining up to pay 60k.
  2. I can't really blame the dealers, if there are THAT MANY fools with money out there, which apparantly, there are...
  3. Got to love the whole supply and demand thing
  4. Patience

    With age comes patience, I can wait to purchase one when the price drops. I will scoop one up off some poor sap who cant afford the insurance or payment!
  5. ^^^^^^
    That's how I got my '03 Cobra.
  6. I saw an 03 Cobra at the Ford dealer for $28k. They are going to be the next Supra when it comes to price.
  7. FYI - Coupes are still over 60k... Eventually, the number of people with the money to pay these prices are going to dry up.
  8. complaining helps

    no not really but it does make me feel better. we'll guys if we all hang in there we will either be happy owners of cheap gt500's or happy owners of 08 boss 302's or happy owners of 08 gt w/ irs or just happy we have some cool stangs to talk about. I've not given up faith yet, the way i see it all depends on if ford plans to make them for 08 model year as well. If the do is see prices moderating to sticker, if not i'm afraid we are all up a creak unless we can find the gem in the rough (can anyone say repo man) lol.

    Another food for though is wi/ bill ford looking to turn over the reins to new management we could a market share race again espicilly w/ the challenger and camaro. We could be looking at a perfect storm for mass manufactureing, as many as the market desires.

    My biggest beaf is still w/ the ma and pa dealers all over the country that are hording there 1 gt500 for themselves. That is what my local dealer has done :-( like i said complaining makes me feel better, but keep the faith no goal is left unacheaved!!

    matt out
  9. YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! remember the Harley supply and demand,It lasted about 10 years,I made alot of money in them years.....:D