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  1. Alright, i'm just gonna tell you my best results and then you can read the other stuff about my first runs and also some runs in a GT...

    0-60 about 6.3 (couldn't get the thing to tell me it again after i ran the 1/4)

    1/4 mile 14.67 @ 100.9 mph (was very impressed, but was on slight down hill, however, towards the end of the 1/4 went back up equally, so i'm sure its pretty accurate. possibly why my 100.9 is close to fazms 100.5 but .2 seconds difference)

    Overall, my first runs i was not impressed, had my gf's dad in the car with me (he owns the GT) and i also was on a very hilly road (god i thought i lived in florida, these were up and down hills, cant be good for the G readings) so my first run was a shocking 15.7, then my second was a 15.5. After returning home, we took my gf's dad GT out (2005 auto too) and with the first run ran a 6.0 second 0-60 and a 14.5 1/4mile (was not impressed, and felt much faster). We tried it again on a much flatter area, and just 0-60, and he got it down to 5.4 sec 0-60 (more like it). we didnt do any more 1/4's because there was a cop sitting on the road we were zooming up and down on. His GT has about 2000 miles on it, completly stock, with windows down, both of us in it, and holding the brake with throttle to get a better jump. (his is auto like mine) I also used this technique to get my 6.3 sec 0-60 and 14.67 1/4. It was also pretty humid out (looked like rain), and about 85 degrees out.

    Ask me some questions, i'm sure i missed somthing you guys would like to know...
  2. Very nice, you dirty... lol
    did ya just hit the 14's once? or was that just your best run? I was only able to get in the 14's 2 times.
  3. echo did you run with your a/c on as well as your windows down?
  4. a/c turns off at WOT
  5. yeah, i had EVERYTHING off, lol, no vent, no radio, might have had parking lights on though. also hit hit 14 twice, 14.8 i think was my first one, then i got the 14.6
  6. Very nice. Having an extra person in the car really hurts. When i tried it i couldnt crack 7 in 0-60 or 15.7 in the quarter. I have 5 months to wait until we have ideal conditions to race again. 115 doesnt make for great power :) The low humidity is nice, but the hot air kills.
  7. hrmm... i never tried with no radio or vent. Didnt think that would make a diff, does it?
  8. Radio might be pulling juice from the battery? I really doubt it would be significant unless you have a 2000 watt amp in there we dont know about. Vents just open vents letting air flow through. No power being pulled there unless its being circulated.
  9. Ok, thats what i thought. Because when i go to the track, i play some system of a down goin down the quarter mile :)
  10. lol, well i know the more electricity you pull, the more of a strain on the alternator, but yeah, radios and vents prolly arnt even noticable, just what i like to think in my weird mind as "turbo" :D
  11. Also, i'm wondering if i could get it into the 5.9 range if i did a SCT2 retune... may have to get a CAI though...
  12. I'm hoping with a CAI and tune i could get into the 5's to 60. But i have a manual tranny, dunno about with the automatic. Bone stock i've pulled 6.4's, and pretty good at constantly gettin 6.6 and 6.7's.

    One thing i just noticed is you have wider tires. Thats something i dream for :)
  13. those things come with limited slip?
  14. Nope, 1 legger :)
  15. yeah, i'm thinking i'm gonna need limited slip after a retune, i'll go no where fast spinning one wheel.

  16. Just noticed this post echo7.. This is pretty impressive stuff man.. The 1/4 mile time is real decent, good job!! :nice:
  17. Yeah, i like it too, and whenever i get done with this thing, i can send it to you and you can do yours... or you can get off ebay too, lol

  18. Ok, I'm off to Ebay to get mine now.. Lets see if Echo7's quick Stang is a worthy opponent.. LOL!! So far I think so!! :D

    Also Echo7, how much HP did does it say you have?
  19. Ok Echo7, its on its way.. It might be tough to beat your 1/4mile time.. I'll see what I can do on the 0-60 time.. Off the top, the 0-60 time I should be able to beat.. I'm guessing 5.8 sec.. LOL!!! Here we go!! :D

    What I find interesting is you had 2 adults in the car for these test?
  20. Hey, send me alink to the one you got, see if there the same type, and i'm still trying to figure out how to find all that other info. When your done it tells you 1/4 time and speed and i know your suposed to be able to get HP and 0-60 times out of it, but i cant get it to. Have any idea Fazm?