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  1. I hope these are the right ones.. Are they?
  2. damn, those were selling for $140 a few months ago i think. then they came out with the newer models for double the price....might have to get me one for that much...
  3. Yeah, a couple of those look like the exact same ones, cant wait for some results from you. Also, keep in mind i was on a slight downhill, but it is also very muggy and very hot here in florida. I would like to find a flatter area to do the run and in winter. I'm thinking my real stats are somehwere around 0-60 @ 6.5 and 1/4mile @ 14.8 @ 100

  4. Does the meter judge the time to 100MPH?
  5. err, not that i'm aware of, but in our v6ers, seems just about our quarter mile time is our 0-100

  6. LOL!!! Duhh!! Silly me!

    I forgot we dont have Vipers!! LOL!! :D
  7. Why not go to a local 1/4 track if you can?
  8. None where i live, would have to drive to tampa or orlando, and i dont think my parents would approve of it, haha, they don't know about the GTech either....
  9. you are 19 years old and your parents wouldnt approve of you driving out of the area? when i was 19, i drove 1500 miles each way just to buy a car.....
  10. They wouldnt approve of going to a track, going over 60 in there books is very VERY bad.... I took my dad once out, and floored it once, i didnt even wind out first gear (35mph) and he was like ok slow down.....
  11. thats funny :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

  12. LOL!! Better hope he doesn't see your 1/4 mile run results.. LOL!! :D He my take the keys!!

    Seriously though ech07, becareful whenever you test things out.. :nice:

    Pop's may blame me if something goes wrong.. I'll have to change screen names! LOL!!
  13. haha, yeah, i be as careful as possible, dont want to hurt my baby...
  14. Gtech has arrived.. Will need a few days to get some results.. Gonna be busy this week..
  15. Well guys, I had to do a quick HP test to test if this thing is for real!! LOL!! It nailed my HP @ 190HP.. I would have to agree that this is wild.. I cant believe it nailed my HP.. I know my previous was 182 on the Dyno, but I always felt it should be around 190HP like all the other V6's.. So basically it does not appear that my mods have had any effect on performance, except for the sound at this point.. This is a kool tool to have to measure things.. When I have time, I'll check 0 to 60 times, as well as the 1/4 mile.. Thus far I am really impressed with this item, and thank all of you for encouraging me to get it!! Thanks!! Can wait to see the 0 to 60 and the 1/4 mile.. I tried to take a pic, but it looks fuzzy.. I'll post anyway.. Stand by..

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  16. you know, if your off on the weight (i'm assuming you had to put it in), then it will be wrong, if your to light, it will read to low, and if you put like 6000 punds on it, it will say that you are making like 400hp, becuase it takes alot of ponies to push 6000 0-60 in like 6.5 sec...
  17. Of course I put the weight in.. You cant even run the HP test until this is put in.. I set the weight to 3450lbs.. It was accurate..

    So what is your presumption, by making such an obvious statement? The test was pretty accurate.. It should be around 190HP.. 3450 is an accurate weight is it not?

    How about your weight? What did you input?

    We should all be using the same weight.. If mine differs from yours, post your weight, and I'll run it again based on your weight.. However, as far as accuracy goes, nailing 190HP on a car that is known to put about 190-195HP to the rear wheels is pretty close I think..
  18. well i dont know my car weight, and i don't even now how to put it in mine, i'm just saying, if your guess of 3450 is to low, your hp rating will be to low, (so if you said maybe 3550, you might get 200hp) i dont even know the stock weights of these stangs. Did you get some 1/4 miles times yet?
  19. MSP,

    Don't forget to add *your* body weight to the data entered. Determine the stock weight of your car/model, add maybe 50-100 lbs for extra options (airbags/TC-ABS/AAT/etc), then maybe another 100 (?) lbs for the dual exhaust, plus your new wheels, etc. Then, add your body weight.

    Thus, for a V6 premium (3371 lbs), plus some extras (50 lbs) plus your exhaust/wheels/tires (100 lbs), plus body weight (160 lbs) ā€“ Iā€™m being VERY conservative and thoughtful with these numbers ā€“ we arrive at 3681 lbs. The actual weight w/ driver is probably more like 3750 lbs depending on your options.

    Try entering 3750 for the weight and see what you get. The number should be around 206.5 HP since 3750 is about 9% more than 3450. 206.5 rwhp is around 243 HP at the crank for a manual transmission (15% loss). 243 sounds more like it, not bad for not even having the proper tune.

    The difference in weight between the Deluxe and Premium versions is 148 lbs, so just the Shaker 500 and power seats add some significant weight. Also, I don't know if the car weights indicated by Ford are the dry or wet (with oil, coolant, gas, etc) weights. The wet weight may be greater than 3371 for the premium. Assuming you weigh at least 160 lbs, you should definitely use 3750 for the "test" weight.