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  1. Two things:

    1. Nice times! Seems that this V6 is on par with V8 Mustangs of earlier years, stock to stock at least. In my experience, my Gtech has been VERY accurate.

    2. Echo7's Mustang is one of the best looking new Mustangs I've ever seen. I love the Bullitt wheels on your car; I continue to wonder why Ford didn't put them on the new GT.
  2. Take the car to the scales. Oregon has truck scales on the highways. Whats cool is anyone can use the scales. Not sure if it's that easy in your area. Check it out. More accurate than guessing the weight.

  3. hey, thanks for the compliment. the stang GT does come with them stock (cheap versions, maybe the deluxe?), but they're pancake versions, very flat, where as mine are very "3 deminsional" i guess you could say, and with a lower offset so they stick out of the wheel wells... :D
  4. Believe me, I know those wheels well...they're on my 95 GT right now. ;)

    The "flat" version on the new GT...well, to be perfectly blunt sucks.
  5. They do suck, i don't even consider them bullits.... BTW, how is bullit spelled?

  6. I believe it's "Bullitt"...named after the old Steve McQueen move.
  7. Ok, so I should use 3750lbs.. So is the HP rating given, gonna be RWHP, or flywheel HP?

    Also, it looks like the formula is 17.94... So plugging in 3750 will give me 209HP.. So is this at the wheels?
  8. yes, rwhp, grunt horspower from the amount of G's of force the car is pulling, no way it would be flywheel horsepower because all cars are different in ratio's. But 209 sounds very good MSP, that means your gettin the stock hp to your wheels now, pretty swett :) I'm liking these new xpipes more everyday...
  9. So this Gtech thing is a tool for measuring the Output? Its not a chip tuner?
  10. No, lol, just tells you by way of G-Force your 0-60 times, 1/4 time and speed, and your horsepower for a given weight of your vehicle... (so many G's over so much time will push a certain amount of weight, to a certain speed)
  11. Yuppers, MSP.

    The GTech is telling you the rwhp rating since it is measuring the *cars* movement/velocity and not that of just the engine. This is why the weight is so important, it takes a lot more torque (and power) to accelerate a 3500 lb car from 0-60 in X sec than it does to accelerate a 3000 lb car in the same amount of time. F=M*A

    209 rwh is around 246 HP at the crank for a manual transmission (15% loss). You really HAVE to get the proper tune for your car to see the full effect of your mods.

    However, 246 (crank) HP is REALLY GOOD, especially since you don't have the proper tune for your mods. I'll bet you get 260 HP after the Xcal2 custom tune. Not bad for some basic "bolt-on" mods!!

    I'm convinced that some port/polish work on the heads, a better intake manifold and exhaust headers would give you 300 HP. That's N/A power too ... no lag and no extra weight up front. Plus ... a V6 insurance payment!! :banana:

  12. That's exaclty what i'm thinking too, Ford really corked these engines up....
  13. Jut fyi, the hp numbers it gives you is wheel horsepower including power lost from drag.
  14. Man, looks like Ford did a nice job w/ the new V6's. What's the best time for a stock 5-speed Manual so far? I've heard 15.0 for the auto. Anyway, only things I'd say is in relation to the Gtech:

    1. Trap speed will read high in the Gtech because it is instantaneous speed rather than average speed over the last ~100ft or whatever of track, which is how it is measured at the 1/4.

    2. The best way to get accurate results is to go to the flattest road you can find and test it 3 times one way and 3 times the other, and average them together because it is very hard to tell if there is a minor grade on the road.

    Otherwise, looking good guys. Glad to see Ford did a good job w/ the new 6. BTW, in case you guys haven't heard, The V6 Ford Challenge is in Gainesville on Sept. 17. Lots of V6 Mustangs will be there including Justin Starkey's 10-second Twin-Turbo 3.8. Check out and the Florida Forum if you're interested.

    Good luck, guys.
  15. Ive pulled 2 or 3 14's with my v6 stock (k&n drop in filter)
  16. NJstangpilot

    Thanks for the info.. Sometime today, I'll make a second attempt the 1/4 mile run.. I attempted it 2 days ago, and got scared.. LOL!!! Seriously, my new tires did pretty good.. What happen is I had a really good launch, and was so shocked that by the time I got to around 80mph, I started getting nervous for cops.. LOL!! They hooked right up, on the freeway on-ramp..

    What I do is go to the freeway on-ramp, and pull over to the shoulder.. Then I level out the GTech, and press the button.. When it says go, I punched it, and expected alot more wheel spin, but I just slumped back into the seat.. Cars that were at speed already on the freeway, never caught me, even though they were almost even when I launched.. Maybe 2 car lengths behind me when i hit the gas.. Well, this made me really nervous and I backed out before the end of the run.. I'll try again later..


    Thanks for the info to all the new guys.. You know, echo7 sure knows how to make good threads.. This is another winner!! lol!!Damn you echo7!! I wish I had your talent for good threads.. LOL!! :nice:

    Also, 5Speed Stallion

    Nice to meet you man.. Come hang out with us more often.. So they have a v6 Mustang race? I think someday we should all meet up at one of these event and just hang out!!


    14sec is pretty damn good.. I'll shoot for that. LOL!! I'm not too positive, because this is more of a driver situation.. This Gtech thread will showcase mostly who the best driver is out of all of us upto a certain point.. I'm not sure my lead foot will let me beat your time.. LOL!!
  17. Ok guys.. Its early morning here.. The air is cold.. The V6 is even colder.. Perfect for a 1/4 mile run.. Stand by!! Wish me luck!! :flag:
  18. Yeah, the race should be an awesome time for a bunch of V6 owners to meet and hang out... and get some racing in too. I'd like to race an '05 also just to see how I'd fair. The '05's are definately faster, but I'll have some mods by then, and a lot of it comes down to driver anyway. But yeah, check out for more information on the races. I'll see you guys around here every once in a while.

  19. Ok guys!! Good news for RWHP, and Xpipe dual exhaust.. Its working great..

    First off on the 1/4 mile run, I muffed the start, (spun the tires),result was

    1/4 mile = 15.24 ---Speed 97Mph

    New HP Rating!!!OMG!! 217RWHP based on a weight of 3750.. Forgot to add my 200 Pounds of weight, which means I could be putting down slightly more..

    I'll post pic of New RWHP .. Stand by!!

    That puts me @ 250HP on the money guys!! It could be more because of my extra 200 pounds for myself I forgot to plug in..

    This means, you all need XPIPE dual exhaust, and holes in your airbox.. LOL!! I cant believe it guys, I am so happy!! I love this forum, it rocks!! LOL!! :nice:

    Actual with plugged in 15%= 249.55 or 250HP!!

    Also, I figured out what happen guys.. ALL this time, I have not been flooring the car all the way.. This time, with each shift I nailed the gas hard.. Also, in 3rd gear, I can hear my Air-Intake box suck bigtime.. So when shifting from 2nd to 3rd, I can hear my AirBox make a chirping sound. Never heard that before until I starting nailing the gas all the way to the floor..

    So plugging in the Formula of 17.94, to the wieght with me included(3950) gives us 220RWHP!! LOL!!

    Plug in the 15%= 253HP!!

    Now based on my previous Mustangs, I feel this is the most accurate measurement of what I feel this Mustang is doing.. This is all starting to make more sense now..

    Bottom line is this, the X-PIPE dual exhaust is absolutly working.. There are gonna be some people skeptical, but I believe these results correct.. Remember, I have always spoke highly of the 05 V6 in regards to power.. I also noticed it did more once the xpipe setup was installed..

    I have owned a Saleen Mustang 1988, and a 93 Cobra.. I have always said this car feels like it pulls harder than the Saleen, and most likley equal to the Cobra.. I knew I was not going crazy..

    What you all need to remember is this.. The 05 V6 Stock is around 225HP.. Down rated to 210HP...

    So this means the Xpipe Dual exhaust brought me about 25 to 28 more HP.. Thats the bottom line...

    This brings us squarely back to my Blower install which will take place soon.. It is now realized that 5psi to 6psi of boost from the Eaton blower is going to put me above 300HP..

    Looking at this from a pure enthusiast standpoint, we must all start to realize Ford kicked bigtime ass on the 4.0 motor for the 05 Mustang..

    Also, remember I have not done the SCT tuning.. Doing that may put me between 265 and possibly 280HP right now without a blower..

    This new information needs to be carefully discussed.. we are dealing with V6's in the 05 that are tremendous power grabbers!!

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  20. Very good reults MSP :) told you the GTech would be better than those dumb dyno's and not to metion you can do it as much as you want for free now :D