GTO,CHARGER quicker the the STANG

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  1. GTO has the most HP and quicker the the Stang in the 1/4 mile
    Dodge Charger Has a HEMI well not a real hemi nowhere near a real Hemi but it still has more HP then the Stang and i am sure it will be quicker then the Stang
    As of now the stang looks good its still slower then the others.
    We will i am sure to see the stang about a 1/2 Sec slower in the 1/4 then both of the other car.
    Seems all those years that the Camaro and Firebird kick the stangs butt that ford should have given more HP now and not later.Johnny
  2. At least the stang looks like a stang.

    The GTO looks like the result of a spring break fling between a Grand Prix and a Cavalier.

    The Charger looks like the Magnum stationwagon.
  3. I doubt that the standard Charger w/ 5.7L V8 will be faster than a 05 Mustang GT. If I remember correctly they tip the scale at just over 4000lbs. That is a big difference when comparing their power. Now, the SRT-8 Charger is a completely different story and I am guessing that is what you are reffering to. But by then I would imagine you are approaching the 40k dollar range which would be more in line with the 2007 Shelby. It doesn't even matter though since they are still only available in automatic, have four doors, and, like the GTO, are fugly.

    I guess if you wanted a family muscle car then they would be good :shrug:
  4. Nope just saying that they have a faster 1/4 mile time then the Stangs.
    Just like the old days people thought their stangs camaros were fast. Then you would have a 440 six pack mopar blow them away.....Even 6 packs were quicker them HEMIs in a 1/4 mile.Johnny
  5. Wrong and wrong again, neither are faster in the 1320.

    I cant believe you havent been banned yet.

  6. the srt8 charger will be close to the current mustang gt. it will have 425 hp, but is is heavy. the regular charger is slower than the gt. power/weight ratio. this is a fact, i work at a dodge dealership and have the access to the stats.
  7. does it really matter that these cars are faster than the mustang?? the mustang is not the fastest car in the world.
    it is however one of the best looking and one of the best selling cars!!
    same cant be said about the GTO and only time will tell for the (coughcough)Charger
  8. Im familiar with those "stats", 5 second area 0-60 and 13 something 1/4, nothing exact but thats why I'll comment the Charger would have to be driven by a good driver to beat a stang. Its a great car and Im supporting my girlfriend if she does indeed wish to buy a Charger SRT8, I even like it.

  9. :lol: Why would the driver matter, all the R/T Chargers are automatics, right?
  10. It still does matter ya know, its not just stamp the gas and go. Reaction time is a pretty big factor.

    I should be doing the laughing at you but I wont.

  11. Firstly why is the new one not a real Hemi? Whats your definition of Hemi????

    As for speed, well that all depends on where you read road test reports. The GTO and GT are pretty even all said and done. And they are close enough that it would always be a drivers race, stock for stock.

    And if your gonna mod the car, then what the hell does it matter how fast it is stock as both engines can produce BIG power without any real hassel with after market tuning parts.

    As for the Charger SRT 8, well its not out yet. And will cost a lot more than a Mustang so it is pointless saying its faster. In real terms it will weigh a lot so stands more chance of being slower stock for stock. But it doesn't end there as there are loads of cars out there that are quicker than any of these, some cheaper some more expensive.

    Simple answer is, if you don't like the Mustang - GOOD BYEAnd go buy one of the others, easy isn't it :nice:

    If you're at a track and only after a good ET reaction time has nothing to do with it, you could sit at the line for 5 seconds then still pull a 12 second ET. Drag racing is an art or skill as is any other, but it is one of the easier sports esp when using road cars and auto's are easier than manuals to drive when drag racing.
  12. :) first post eh???
  13. Charger (4 doors :rolleyes: ) and GTO are both >/= $30K while assuming no markup the GT is a good deal < $30k. GTO is more in Cobra territory with the LS2 motor. While the Hemi Charger I'm willing to bet is not faster then a GT, it was a lot of weight to overcome. I'm excited to se a new SE Stanga between the GT and Cobra, say like a new Boss with maybe 350-400 hp, like mentioned above for around 30k that will be more direct comp for the Charger and GTOs of the world.
  14. Being the fastest; most HP; quickest 1/4 mi; baddest, etc is what modding your car is all about. When a manufacturer focuses on one narrow stat they end up a car that may excell at the dragstrip but stinks in everyday driving.

    I think one of the best features of the new stang is that it is a well rounded car. Yes it hauls arse, but it is easy to drive to work when you're not driving it hard.

    Someone will always have 1 more dollar, benchpress 5 more lbs, and have 5 more HP than you.

  15. I swear that is not english...

    And why do we have yet another thread about this???

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  16. . . .woo, woo, Dan. Take a deep breath and count to 10 buddy!
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  18. The GTO ('05 w/400hp) is a bit quicker than the 05 stang, as it should be with 100 more hp, it also costs more.

    The charger (A 300c with different fenders) is not going to be as fast as an 05 GT, and will cost more as well. Mopar really laid down a bunt with the charger.

    The GTO may not be my cup-o-tea, and it may look like a grand prix, but at least GM didn't give it 4-doors, and they really came to the plate in the hp department. The Charger is a lame attempt to sell some cars strictly on name recognition, on a platform already available.

    For my money, I'd get a 2-year-old cobra and spank 'em all

  19. There are many cars faster than the Mustang but few that come close to its appeal. The GTO and Charger are like a one-tool player in baseball. They may be able to hit the long ball or steal bases but they can't do much else. The Mustang is a multi-tool player. He may not be the best in any one category but he can field, hit for power, hit for average and run. On top of that, he's good looking (ala Derek Jeter or ARod) and chicks dig him! :hail2:

    Boys dream of Mustangs...not Grand Ams with big motors or 4-door muscle cars. They are the style and appeal equivalent of Otis Nixon and Randy Johnson! :lol:
  20. As the old saying goes "it's not how you feel, it's how you look that counts"

    Mustang = awesome looks.
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