GTO,CHARGER quicker the the STANG

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  1. Mustang looks are much better.

    I agree. Both those cars don't have any looks NEAR the quality of the '05 Mustang.

    The GT kicks both their butts all over the place. :D
  2. Cleveland go sell a few Mustangs for $3000 over invoice thats his speed.
    Well these HEMIs are not the REALLLL Hemi that some of us have,Its a marketing thing to sell more cars.
    The Hemi on the 2006 Chargers and everything that mopar sells now are not a true HEMISPHERE but a POLYSHPHERE so the new HEMI is not a true Hemisphere Combustion Chamber. along with a few other things that does not make it a hemi
    I would also think the stock GTO is a quicker car also in a 1/4 mile,my money is on the GTO
    If we are going by Looks i will take the Stang.
  3. Is English not your 1st language or is typing the problem area? Not that it matters but your posts are really difficult to read and make sense of.

    Well I have no idea what the shape of the cobustion chamber is in the new Hemi engine, but it would probably be illegal trading (at least in the UK breaking the trade descriptions act with the 300c and its Hemi engine) if it was not a hemi.

    And the cars you are reffering to are you using them as a standard of what hemi is. The Damilar Dart with its 2.5 V8 preceeded all of the mopar Hemi's as a production vehicle. And the term 'polysphere' not sure thats really a word, as it would mean 'shape-round'.
    Poly = shape and sphere = round.

    In the case of the GTO/Monaro well using independant data:

    400bhp Monaro 6 speed manual
    0-60mph 5.3 seconds
    0-100mph 12.7 seconds

    300bhp Mustang GT 5 speed manual
    0-60mph 5.2 seconds
    0-100 13.2 seconds

    I'd say thats pretty close, stock for stock.
  4. :lol:
    What HE Said....
  5. For gawds sakes, HEMI is a trademarked name. It doesnt HAVE to have anything to do with the shape of the combustion chambers. It was bringing back a term as a marketing ploy to sell more cars, and damn them, it worked and is working. Otherwise we wouldnt be mentioning it. It truely is a "HEMI" if Daimler-Chrysler wants to say it is. They never claimed it was of a hemispherical nature in combustion chamber logistics. Then maybe you would have something there on being illegal... :)
  6. Not tryin to be all upidy but I just looked to make sure but if u go on the Dodge site and look in the "Hemistry" section of the Charger they have a cool pic of the motor and all it's individual pieces with the heads clear as day labeled as Hemisphereical Combustion Chambers. If u follow some links they continue what HCC are. :shrug:
  7. Hate to be the English teacher while you're trying to school johnny, but poly does not mean shape, it means "more than one; many."
  8. :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh:

    Quote "Hate to be the English teacher while you're trying to school johnny, but poly does not mean shape, it means "more than one; many."
  9. 0-60?
    What matters is on the 1/4 mile track.....
    And yes they are selling many Hemi cars and Mopars making lots of money with that name.
    Not like Ford or GM that are laying people off.
    If Ford {except the Mustang}and GM made a few cars that people would enjoy driving their Bonds would not be rated as Junk............
    I Kinda Like the way I type and sometimes its my Keyboard and most of the time its me lol. :banana:
  10. Wow, you are one ignorant fool. :nonono:
  11. Besides the SRT-8 cars(6.1L 425hp) The new stang will mop the floor with any Hemi powered LX car.

    As far as the GTO, stock for stock the LS2 car will win, however, all you need in an 05 is an intake and tune, and you'll be door to door with an LS2 in the 1320.

    Against an LS1 04 GTO its a drivers race.
  12. From what i am reading in magazines they say the GTOs are Quicker then the Stang in a 1/4 mile by a 1/2 sec
    And from a Few Websites people have been saying that the new Charger will eat up the Stang but i think it would be very close.
    I would never buy a Dodge they look cheap inside and outside and they don't do a thing for me.
    The Stang is still a nice looking car.

    For $28,000 you can get a stang or GTO
  13. Of course they're gonna say it's a ton faster, they bought into the advertising and all the hoopla about the 5.7 Hemi. After all it's the 1st RWD V8 from Dodge available in how many years, 30 I'm guessing, so I think a lot of them are gonna think it's the fastest car on the road just like when we all got our first V8 Mustang. But the 425 hp 6.1 SRT 8 or Charger Daytona are the ones to look out for.
  14. Yeah, Chrysler is not doing too bad these days. Especially considering they had to be bailed out by the government in the '80's and got bought out by Daimler-Benz a few years ago.
  15. The 300C is essentially the same car as the Charger, and the best they run is mid to low 14's. Trust me a 5.7L Hemi Charger will be no contest against a New Mustang.

    The SRT-8's however will be low 13 sec performers.
  16. Better watch out the Jeep Hemi will blow your doors off even in 4 wheel drive......Ahhhhh maybe not
  17. johnnytuinals:

    Why would you believe that Ford's rollout of a new vehicle such as the S197 would imply that they would release their more potent engine/drivetrain combinations out of the gate ?

    Remember the last time when they brought out the SN95 ?
    They kept the push-rod 5.0; then put in a detuned 4.6 modular for the first couple of years (I remember because I purchased a 248A). Then they started phasing in improved engines with upgrades - i.e. the Bullitt intake, supercharger etc. etc.

    It appears that Ford will rollout the S197 in similar fashion. Its a numbers game from Ford's marketing perspective, (- if they gave everyone a supercharged 5.4 some people would still be screaming for more HP -) satisfy the target market but still leave them enough room to keep their appetites whetted. Product development is incremental over time; my suggestion would be to exercise patience - better things are always on the horizon.
  18. Gottabered i had a 1995 Mustang Gt and they came with only 215HP....
    Yep the 2005 GTs with 300hp is a big jump from last years.
    Was going to put my order in for a GT and be the 1st one on the list but i am thinking Ford will be making many more this time around.Just wondering if i should pay sticker or wait till they roll out and get one..Johnny
  19. The point of the matter resides in that little feature you might notice at the end of their HEMI logo... A little thing that resembles an "R" with a circle around it... That is what indicates it as a registered trademark... My point is that it is a marketing usage name as soon as it gets a nice little "R" and can be slapped on anything they deem necessary to the point that it didnt even have to use the hemispherical combustion chambers. Which is why I put "HAVE" up there...

    Sure maybe it is, and maybe it isnt (it would seem their pretty flash animation wants to say so - funny the 6.1 doesnt mention it, but maybe it is too). I care not much for the fact that it is or isnt, but that when you push marketing terms around, they dont have to make much sense in usage. If their bean counters felt it was of reason to worry about it's implications, trust me, you would have 3 point font text telling you otherwise....

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  20. Although there is probably a lot of truth there, it should also be mentioned that the V6 is the biggest seller, so even though there is often a lot of vocal acclaim for more BHP it doesn't always sell as well off of the show room floor.

    Even something like the 04 Cobra, as fast/good looking and good value as it was there where loads still left sitting on show room floors nearly a year later.

    This is why companies such Ford will make limited run high BHP cars, just to try an elevate the standing of the model in the hope it will increase sales of the lower end models.

    The new GT500 will sell well I'm sure, but no where near the numbers even the GT manages. I guess once sales start to lag a bit there will be a rivival of the Mach or the Bullitt or one of the other names from the past. However as in most cases it will likely be trim and styling based option with perhaphs a little more power (10-30bhp??).

    If Ford are feeling really amibious then yes they may introduce a full time higher end model (as the Shelby is more likely to be limited production). I doubt it will be all that different styling wise, maybe a bonnet scoop style arrangment and different interior options, but it will most certainly use the same drive train, so No IRS, if the Shelby doesn't warrant it, then it won't be seen for a while.

    As for powerplant, well I guess the logical assumption would be a 5.4 litre aluminium 3v per cylinder SOHC unit, very similar to the current 4.6 and with circa 350-385bhp. But I suppose this will all depend on how long Ford beleives the modular engine design will remain in production.

    I guess there are plans a foot for a whole new range of engines maybe a development of the Jaguar AJV8 or the Aston V12, or using the more modern technology of the 4 cylinder ZeeTec engine range.

    If a new V8 was made from the current 2.0 ZeeTec engine it would produce in the region of 390bhp in 4.6 litre trim, be a lot smaller than the current modular engine and probably weigh in at a couple of hundred pounds lighter too.

    It will be interesting to see the developments over the next 5 years or so.
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