GTO,CHARGER quicker the the STANG

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  1. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  2. Thought you might like that... :) :cheers:
  3. Hemi=hemishperical heads used in (usually) a V8 engine to provide air and fuel swirl for more powerful and complete burning of fuel in the combustion chamber.

    Chryco isn't the only one using the technology (but credited with it's development ~40-50 years ago).
  4. Thanks for the history lesson... Yes, I am sure we already know that, (not that you are definitely talking to either of us) but my point was:

    *looks out over driveway staring intently to notice anything new*

    I'm not going to be pulling in any car made with a "HEMI" anyday or "anyyear" now for that matter, thus my not caring. Not to be confused with not knowing... :)
  5. Well consideirng the "old" LS1's are faster then the new '05 Stang GT, surely the GTO (LS2) is going to murder the GT.
  6. Here's the deal, I'm a Ford nut to the bone-DON'T GET ME WRONG! You can't disagree with this guy on Ford's power. No matter what, ford has always trailed on power. My theory is that they are trying to sell to a broader customer base . If you look at the other mfg's out there other than the Corvette, they have failed. It does suck though that ford can only produce 300 hp when the Camaro did more than that YEARS ago (you could buy an SS Camaro at ANY Chitvy store). Yeah, you can buy a Cobra at an SVT dealer and drain your bank account then get a spanking by a Z06, or buy a GT-put on a blower-suspension-brakes and be in game for less money. Fact is, Ford is out to keep the Mustang selling to a broader group. I would shell out a couple more grand if they made the GT 400+hp (and torque) to compete against the competition, but the Shelby better have 550+ to shut the Chitvy crowd up! Fact is, there are SUV's making 300 hp.... 300 is nothing to brag about these days guys face it. Put a blower on it and you can embarrass the best of them.Too bad that you have to put a blower on Ford to compete....Put a blower on the Chevy and you're behind again.
  7. Spanked? by a Z06......... by the upcoming model perhaps
  8. Giddy-up hits the nail on the head,even if ford put 325-350hp in their Gts, the ford dealers will still want way more money over sticker for the car.
    Thats really the only Seller that Ford has.Johnny
  9. I'm a huge Ford guy, trust me!!! I think what Ford has done by actually following through with their customers demands is remarkable (watch Chitvy come out with a retro 69 Camaro, or Dodge-if they are bright enough come out with a retro Challenger after what they have seen with the Mustang). You have to give a hand to Ford for making a product that is unmistakable and affordable. However, it's frustrating that a Subaru (SUBARU mind you!) can even run with a Mustang PERIOD! Come on!! This thing should rival a Vette for crying out loud! The Stang has NO rivals but itself.. I guess you can look at it as genious for Ford to make a Mustang fit any budget and drown any other American V8 in the same price range, but still. Maybe I'm way off base here, but if you take your calculator and add up what it takes to beat a Camaro that is 5 YEARS OLD, it's ridiculous!!! The new stang GT should hit 375 BONE STOCK right now.. There shouldn't be any posts on how to beat an import.... :shrug:
  10. From what i see with the kids they are really into their imports and i am sure some will blow us away.
    300HP is a improvement on the GTs
    I am still wondering what way i will go.
    Stang or GTO
    Almost the same price
    GTO you will get more for your money
    Stang looks better
  11. Johnny, you are right! I'm actually in the car biz as a finance rep, so I see all the cars from all MFG's everyday. Being a red blooded American, I still can't accept the fact that a Subaru can give us fits! It's ricockulous! If I were you, I would still stick with the Mustang for 1 reason. You can still buy new 04 GTO's and the new chargers are stones on dealers lots. Both sell like crap. At least if you buy a Mustang GT, you'll stay ahead for a year until the market is flooded. I have an 06 on order, and I think I'm going to go for a used Saleen since they have some snort and they'll hold value in the long run. A Mach 1 is still a good buy too! Just wish Ford would get it together and produce a standard V8 that isn't compared to with a friggin Subaru.... I need a drink! :bang:
  12. The mustang should rival a vette? Yeah... Have you priced a vette? Or perhaps taken a look at them? I mean the vette is what $20k more than a gt. And it happens to have 2 less seats and made out of fiberglass. As well as many other differences. The mustang gt is exactly where it needs to be for the price it is. And if you are talking about the subaru STI. Perhaps you need to check prices. If I bought a $32k car or worse a $45k car. And was not able to beat a $25k car. The $32k or $45k car would be on the dealers driveway the next morning.
  13. I can see your point. I'm saying that if you have to go to a special SVT dealer to buy a "special Mustang" that son of a buck better perform. And it doesn't against the best Chitvy. I'm not buying a Vette, because I can't stand GM products and it only has 2 seats-I agree. Price aside.. you are looking at Mfg vs. Mfg. If a stock Mustang GT gets beat buy a Subaru 4cyl turbo, that makes me want to jump out of a window for crying out loud!! Ford.... Bust out the SVO 4cyl again.... com'on.... bust it.
  14. And if I had to pay $32k for a gt mustang I would jump out the window as well.
  15. Ha Ha!!! :D Sure. Cubic Dollars aside, I guess you are right. Light the Stang on fire, it can't touch an import...

    Reallity is NOT our friend!!! :bang:

    The Evo is a pretty sweet car too... have to admit.
  16. I am very good friends with reality. And I think the EVO is an ugly car.
  17. Judging by the way the EVO is selling, I can't argue.
  18. Really?

    Mitsubishi Lancer sales, May 2005 (including Lancer, Lancer Evolution, Lancer Sportback): 3,360 cars.

    Subaru Impreza sales, May 2005 (including Impreza, Impreza WRX, Impreza WRX sTi): 2,680 cars.

    Ford Mustang sales, May 2005 (including Mustang and Mustang GT): 19,721 cars.

    In fact, the Ford Mustang, by itself, outsold Subaru's and Mitsubishi's entire lineups in May 2005 (not combined, together it's like 25K cars/SUVs).
  19. jasonlee is on the right track; all of you wide eyed stang enthusiasts need to keep in mind that although ford builds the stang they are an auto manuf BUSINESS. They are trying (not hard enough) to make a profit. Judging from stang sales vs camaro (zero); GTO; Charger, etc they are on to something.

    They knew about other stock 300 hp cars that were coming, but they also knew how big the stang after market is, so they obviously made a corporate decision to leave a few hp on the table for someone else to work on.
  20. Well dealers are selling the Mustang Gt at $29,000
    and the GTOs are going for around $29,500

    Mustangs GT Pros
    Good Looks
    A little more HP then last years
    Nice Wheels

    GTO Pros
    Style is not as bad as last years
    Lots more HP Interior is nice
    Hood Scoop

    I have been reading auto Magazines on the 2005 Mustang GTs for the last 2 years and i was really EXCITED about getting one.
    Then came around sept 2004 and they showed what the new Mustang GT would look like.
    What a let me down from the concept that they where showing for the past 2 years
    Where is that Shelby Hood Scoop that they said will be on the 2005 Gts
    among other things i was hoping to see that the concept car had.
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