GTO,CHARGER quicker the the STANG

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  1. It's sort of scary when I find myself agreeing w/ Mr. Tuinals, but I agree w/ your comment about the GT being a letdown after droolling over the stang concepts. They looked so hot and like they could actually be produced, and I started looking for the production cars to be similar. But after I reminded myself that I was hoping to buy a concept car for $25 or 30 grand I woke up.

    If you don't compare the 05 stangs to the concept cars they are pretty nice to look at especially considering the price.

    I was thinking about an Audi or BMW vert, but you're looking at $50 k there. So my gt vert w/ everything cost me under $30 k before taxes. That's a sweet deal in anyone's book.
  2. Are you kidding me??

    Your entire decision on whether the 05 Mustang was good or sucked was based on some silly nonfunctional scoops?

    Forget the 300 HP 3V 4.6L. Forget the much improved weight distribution and handling. Forget the stiffer chassis and higher build quality.

    What I REALLY wanted was an hood with a scoop that any aftermarket company would be happy to sell to me for ~$300!


    On the GTO vs. Mustang GT debate, I think there are pros and cons to both cars (and they're both nice cars, BTW). What it probably comes down to many people is their bias. If you lean towards GM vehicles, get a GTO. If you lean towards Ford, get a Mustang GT.

    I like Fords, so if I was shopping for a new car, I'd get a Mustang GT.
  3. I wish i never saw the concept car....And you are right you can put a new hood on the car,strips among other things.
    But the way ford was showing the car 2 years ago was like thats the car we will be able to buy in 2005.
    And then the final product was still a nice stang but i was expecting something more in looks without going out to buy extras for the car.What a let down
    I am sure in 2007 we might get a car that looks like the concept car with more HP but will be a tad less then the shelby...Johnny
  4. Something tells me. You don't get out to many car shows. Since you seem to have thought the concept was going to be production. I don't think many concept cars ever see the light of day without changes. Most never see production.
  5. Yep i don't get out to offen lol.
    The way they were talking that was going to be the car up until last Sept.
    I know I know most cars don't make it to market
    But the way Ford was talking that was the car they were going to produce.
    I would ratter have Ford put on the Shelby hood scoop so the car stays original.
    We will really see if the 2007 Shelby will really get over 450 hp.
    I remember the Mitsubishi 3000GT was getting 320hp and that was 10 years ago....Johnny
  6. 3.46 GTO
    3.31 Mustang GT
    2.82 Magnum RT

    Those are the stock gears for these 3 cars. Anyone care to tell me why the Magnum RT/300 C/Charger RT run slower? They don't weigh THAT much more... Soon someone will release gears for them, and the gap will be closed.
  7. I don't recall Ford saying the concept was exactly the way they were going to produce it. Since that was a 2 seater with a lowered roofline. And sure the 3000gt got 320 hp 10 years ago. Do you happen to remember the cost? Original MSRP on the VR4 model. Which was the one with 320hp. A mere $43898. Me thinks that was a little more than the mustang.
  8. The Challenger with a 6.1L Hemi has all the earmarkings of being very formidable and keep in mind that CNN/Money is saying that industry analyst are saying 2009 model year. The Charger is already a 2006 model year, so an early release of the Challenger as a 2008 year model could be feasible and not really that far away.
    The 300C SRT-8 is showing the 6.1L is likely underrrated by the factory. Through the Autostick tranny, its putting down 370-380 rwhp and the SRT 300 posting quarter mile trap speeds of 108, 109 and even 110 mph. The Charger SRT will be every bit as quick, and possibly quicker. The Challenger theoretically even quicker still and I believe that the Challenger will likely be built on a shortened and slightly lighter LX platform because DCX has already been building concepts on the shortened platform. So, I see the Challenger probably coming in with about a 3700-3800 curb weight. However, the 5.7L Hemi and the 6.1L Hemi are not really tuned for performance. They are capable of more, so its not that unlikely that you'll soon see the 5.7 possibly pushing 370 hp and sooner or later the 6.1L eeking up even a bit higher.
  9. The Mitsubishi 3000GT with 320hp was around $32,000 but that was 10 years ago....Todays dollars would be over $45,000.......
    The slower 3000gts where around $26,000-$28,000.
    Those were really nice cars......Like the Yellow a dull yellow
  10. I raced a new Charger from a stop light to 80 mph and he was at my back wheel. I have an auto, but I spun a lot off the line and dropped back to his front door. When my GT hit second I started pulling him and kept pulling. It was faster than I thought. I also race my dads 300c at the same place and pulled him by about a car length. On the door of the Charger is said it weighed 3800 lbs. and some change.
  11. :shrug:

    Soon everyone dedicated to straight-line acceleration will be putting 4.10s and 4.30s in the rear ends of the Mustangs (which are already released).

    billy_tripper, how did that Charger get so light?

    Motor Trend's tested both the 300C and the Dodge Charger R/T, the 300C had a curb weight of 4046 lbs. (80 lbs. more for AWD) and they said the Charger was almost identical in weight and performance.

    Curb weight, manual transmission Mustang GT: 3575 lbs.
  12. IMO, the Stang takes it in the looks department. It also handles and rides better than mom's Jag. For the money it can't be beat.

    They did up the ante to Bullitt output and the governor is now set at 150, but we know how to run 11s, and I can program the governor to the MAX allowed value of 255 (Not that the car will go that fast due to drag), so I am happy.

    While I like the lines of the Magnum (Insert flame here)... The Charger... YUK. And a 4 door at that. Who cares if it has a HEMI. There is always a bigger stick... Look at Cadillac... 400 HP too, and more to come!

    And the GTO may make more power, but it lost in every other category in the articles I have read. GM- Goofy Motors. That says it all. A beefed up Grand-AM.

    End rant.
  13. I don't really care if they're faster. Drivers being equal, i'm not sure these cars are faster than the stang. But even if they are, I woudn't think for a second of not getting a mustang. They're not as sweet period. The mustang is just a better overall car for my taste. The Charger looks like a boat? WTH? I hope it's not a short track for the charger driver because i'm sure it's not easy bringing that beast under control. Maybe it comes with a shoot in back? ha! I think they're saying 5.5 0-60 in their adds for the charger. With that size of an engine and weight, it doesn't sound like a good car. It's going to be a gas guzzler from hell. No thanks. The Stang is close to these cars even though the GTO and Charger both have much bigger engines. It's a no brainer to me, I'm going with the sweeter looking ride.
  14. Actually if you followed the link it states. Original MSRP: $43,898 Not $32k. They were expensive cars. And while I think they were interesting. I would not pay that much for it. And yes the slower ones were $23k. But with a whopping 164hp OOOhhh too much for me. And of course you could opt for the TT version. At $37905 which still had 320hp.
  15. All I was saying is the gear difference is quite a difference. Between the weight and tall gears, it's a wonder those cars aren't slower. kick up the gears and install a new torque converter, and it'll sizzle is all I'm saying.
  16. Some guy blew past me on the highway in his brand new Charger about two weeks ago. I was surprised to see one on the road so early but I got a good laugh seeing grandma in the passanger seat and two kids in the back. I always thought those looked like a hearse. Magnums more than anything.
  17. Its funny on different perspectives. I might would have had that same notion 15 years ago, too. :D Coupes get mighty small the older you get, especially with a kid or two.
  18. The magnums do look like a hearse. I thought the same thing about them.
  19. Just to weigh in on the "hemi" thing.....

    I listened to a discussion between a die hard MOPAR guy (owns a couple hemi cars) and a die hard Ford guy. They were discussing the new Hemi engine (since the MOPAR guy had one in his new truck). They both agreed that the new Hemi isn't a real Hemi because it was not perfectly hemishperical. They said it was similar to the late 60's early 70's when Ford developed a Hemi engine and all the MOPAR guys said it was a real Hemi because it was not perfectly hemispherical. They said that back then the MOPAR guys would always refer to the Ford version as a Semi Hemi.
  20. Haha... that could be a funeral home motto. Get your last ride in a Hemi hearse:

    "A death less ordinary"

    "Going out with style"

    "Conceived in a Mopar, buried in a Mopar"
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