GTP guys talking about Stangnet

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  1. Uh, should I be flattered? :shrug:
  2. ***s, they started bickering amongst themselves on the first page :rolleyes:

    of course we dont know much about GTP's, its a F'king Grand Prix! F'kin turds. Well, at least not all of them are turds. That one guy seems to know his ass from a hole in the ground.

    You see that one guy? Lost to an 04 Mach 1 (he thinks) that ran a 14.4. A Mach 1 running 14.4......was the driver a paraplegic?

    He says "I couldnt believe how slow it was." Oh how I hope he runs into one that has a competent driver. :)
  3. eehhh.. some of them seem alright, but their are the typical ricers over there..

    At our local track, a brand new GTP ran 12.5 in the 1000ft.. My car runs 11.1-5.. So, I honestly don't think they're that much of a threat stock

    And that guy who WOULDNT take a 500-hp Camaro to the track? What a lying bastard!
  4. What's a GT, GTP, and GTS in terms of Mustangs. Like what's the GT, Cobra, and sixer?
  5. My Mom drives a Grand Prix GT... They are alright, 3.8 V6, Front drive.

    She uses it for daily transportation to work, probably what they were designed to do from the get go...:rolleyes:
  6. Grand Prixs are not a threat. If you are a horrible driver, you could possibly lose, otherwise, it's quiite unlikely.
  7. that hurts my brain
  8. I test drove a Gran Prix for my sister. I have to admit, for a non-SC V6, those front wheels left about a 12 foot black mark (automatic, no power braking)

    It still can't compare to my GT for torque, but it would get up and move.
  9. Wonderful. All we need are a bunch of tards trying to justify buying a POS family sedan.


    Idiots :rolleyes:
  10. my buddy has one, its quick for a sedan
  11. I had one...Then I realized it sucked so I wiped dog poo on the seats then set it on fire.

  12. damn looks like i'm gonna have to get a 12lb pulley and methanol injection to keep up with him :)

    actually as i was reading it i noticed most of the guys are down to earth and understand they can't keep up with a mustang unless its a stone stock version of my car...but who drives a stock mustang besides Killy?
  13. :nonono:
    what a joke

    "my father raised me as a chevy man, GTs will always be crap"

    you drive a pontiac sedan. wake up.
  14. my friend's family has a new GTP, really nice 4 door car but its not all that fast on top end.
  15. i think i would laugh my ass off if i ever lost to a GTP, i think thats just damn well funny
  16. As I understand it the S/C'd GTPs can be plenty fast, there used to be a guy around here regulary that had one. Like any FI car they can be made fast pretty easily. A close match for a near stock PI GT.
  17. I ran this guy with a 2004 GTP the other night. It was cold so i didn't hook off the line ( I have Nitto 555Rs) and I didnt heat em up. I took off on him by a few cars and stopped. He was pissed because he had a pulley and was at 12 lbs of boost. He just bought a turbo setup and he claims he will be running 11s soon. I told him if he does good for him, but I don't wanna hear about what you are gonna have...Fn prove it! lol...I can't stand when people are like I'm gonna beat you...with someone I don't even have yet...