GTP guys talking about Stangnet

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  1. Oh yeah?!?! When I get my Kenne Bell 5.7 and 64,000 lbs. of boost, I'm gonna run 6's in the 1 mile!
  2. Both my boss and my father-in-law have GTPs. Hard to imagine anything more annoying than having to listen to BOTH OF THEM busting my chops about how much faster their cars are than mine :nonono:
  3. I like the guy who asked "can I beat a mustang"

    I wanted to register just to post.. not mine lol.. but wth who cares
  4. I only read the first page but it was pretty entertaining. That "Downtown" guy was the only guy with a brain. That "Adam McDouche" guy was a tool. :rlaugh: I liked the one guy saying he makes GT's see his tail lights all the time. :rlaugh: He needs some drugs for Alzheimer's cause he's imagining things. :rlaugh:
  6. ^^^he must know what its like to be behind one then :shrug:
  7. i enjoy letting them get a jump, then kicking their a$$. they are stupid. just when they think "i am finally going to beat a GT" they lose by 20 mph.(not literally). they are rediculous. i can't wait to get ahold of an LS grand prix or impala from a dig. (at the track). stupid stupid stupid.
  8. Did I mention how much I HATE Grand Prixs? There are so many in my town it is ridiculous. They are a dime a dozen.
  9. i figure i walked away with the old motor, so i can't wait to offer up GTP carrion at the track. buzzards are hungry.

    trolls, you can come to clarksville, tn. wednesday april 5, 2006 at 5:00 pm to get your a$$e$ kicked. the track is on needmore rd in St. bethlehem area. i'm in a red 96. surely your blower can beat my little 5.4 3v.
  10. dwntwn here.....

    The thing that pisses me off the most is 90% of the guys that "beat" Mustangs have never been to the track, have few mods (pulley, CAI, cat back) and think that they are the fastest car on the road. I don't get it... Until they get some heads up races and beat one, they should stop talking $hit.

    I would be all over the new Shelby but my wife wanted four doors and since I have gotten the GM discount since god knows when, I ended up with a pretty fast sedan.
  11. hmm i've seen this somewhere else...just can't place it.
  12. :lol:

    I'd say their faster ones rate about the same as my pig when it was completely stock (not that it has anything now...)
  13. I lost to a GTP before :( ...after all mods :(:( .

    It was freaky fast, MTs, pushed to the line, "compcams" on the window, ect. He just beat me off the line(bad traction that run), we trapped about the same...and my 12.79 run was faster than all of his I seen him well as his trap. So I didnt feel too bad :)
  14. :shrug:

  15. Isn't there a GTP in your club? :p
  16. sure is.. and he has no chance either :rlaugh:
  17. So they weigh a little over 3500lbs, have 260 hp, run a 15 stock, and are front wheel drive... :shrug:

    Not bad for a sedan. Why in the world you would buy one to go out and race is beyond me though :scratch:

    To each his own. I've been outrun by Eclipses before in my old 86GT I had. That just meant more mods :D
  18. 2 door, rwd, V8, muscle car vs 4 door, fwd (FTL), s/c'd V6, family sedan. Hmmm apples to oranges anyone? Newsflash there are a ton of cars faster then Mustangs who gives a **** what the think?
  19. What y'all fail to see here is most everyone compares their car to the Mustang. It is the benchmark. If you beat one you are bonafied... :nice:
  20. Troof. :SNSign:

    Well cept for LS1+ owners.