Guess My Numbers!

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  1. Going to hit the dyno in a week and a half! Guess my numbers!

    Car has the following
    -tork tech inter cooled intake
    -eaton with 2.93 pulley
    -stock cobra plenum/tb
    -long tube headers
    -catted x
    -magnapacks catback
    -tuning for 94

    Winner gets an imaginary case of his/her favorite beer
  2. 405/418 with a power curve as flat as a table top :)....I almost had the same exact setup and that's what I made lol
  3. Given his location, much colder temps and decent altitude, I'll bump it up a bit.....

  4. I got a start up tune and tried to run my car lastnight. It wouldn't idle but when I got it up to 1000rpms it would run fine. Think it's just a tune issue? It ended up flooding
  5. Yes... its a tune issue. Mine did the same thing. Start up tunes are rich as hell. Are you running 42# injectors and lightning mass air?
  6. Sure am!
  7. Do u have a boost-a-pump? If not , you will need one. Your fpdc will max out around 4200rpm
  8. No I don't. I forgot to mention I have a svt focus pump that's 255lph. I was told that would be sufficient for my build?
  9. I was told the focus 255lph pump is good for 450 rwhp
  10. I have a Ford GT pump in mine and it flows 310lph and I needed one...not sure how the focus pump compares though
  11. I guess we will see! My buddy ran this pump for 3000kms with 430rwhp
  12. 383/400
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  13. did you run the 2.93 pulley? if so, how much boost did you make?
  14. 2.73. It registers around 12-13#s
  15. What were the numbers?
  16. Got to the dyno and my supercharger started making some pretty freaky noises. I was sold a bad blower. So now I'm waiting on a rebuilt one from steigmeier