Guess the HP/TQ!

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  1. The time has come at last.
    Got the dyno tune scheduled for this coming Tuesday.
    You guess the numbers! HP/TQ at the wheels.
    My hope is at least 350/350 on a safe tune.

    The modest combo:

    Stock block and rotating assembly.
    Stock cam
    Stock throttlebody
    Explorer intake (no work done to it)
    FRPP Y303 heads (box stock)
    Crane/Cobra 1.7:1 ratio roller rockers
    PMAS 80mm
    FRPP 42lb injectors
    Paxton balldrive supercharger GSS internals with UPR inlet pipe (approximately 7-9psi or so around 5k rpm is my best guess)
    BBK equal length/ceramic coated short tubes
    Pypes catted X pipe
    Pypes Violator cat back
    Astroperformance A3 T5 transmission
    FRPP Cobra clutch kit
    FRPP 3.73 gears
  2. I would be shocked if you even made 350....
  3. I think you will make your goal. 9psi is quite a bit.

  4. It's virtually stock besides the heads, and the heads are nothing special. Stock setups with vortechs usually only make 300-320.
  5. Assuming 8 psi average I would guess 365 hp and 340 torque :nice:
  6. Y heads might be old school, but that doesn't mean they are stock.

  7. These Y heads are actually pretty nice.
    They were take-off parts from FRPP dealers when the Z heads came out back in 2004.
    They sold them as such and they only cost me $724 to my door for the pair.
    Back then I was looking at ported E7TE heads which were going for $599 from Powerheads.
    Found the Y heads on ebay during my search.
    I've no complaints.
  8. I think you will get to your 350 goal, but it is going to take 9 or 10 psi.
  9. You'll get in you hp range easily
  10. Well, that wasn't what I expected.
    This guy worked his @$$ off tuning my SCT for over 4 hours.
    We had some weird electrical gremlins.
    My water temp, fuel pressure and oil pressure gauges started acting weird and not reading right.
    My fuel pressure was actually at 50psi when I thought it was at 40psi. So, adjusted that down.
    Then he came to the conclusion that I have something wrong with my ignition.
    He suggested I look at the plugs, wires, cap & rotor and for any bad grounds with the gauges.
    My car wasn't very repeatable on the dyno.
    But, it did have a couple really good runs (see below).

    Best run of the bunch.

    This was the last run and where we left it until I fix the electrical gremlins.

    BTW, I have no idea how much boost I was making. I never thought to look at my boost gauge and he didn't have anything hooked up to check it.
  11. Very impressive! Should make for one fun ride!
  12. Looks good man. That's a nice tight stock block combo. Just a few bugs to work out which is normal.

  13. Well, found some issues:
    - Plastic fitting from the bypass loop had burned through from touching the header and was letting in un-metered air.
    - Spark plugs I had in there were the wrong size. They had a .440" reach which is fine for stock heads. But too short for the SVO heads I have.

    Fixed the bypass by shortening the loop and eliminating that plastic fitting all together.
    Installed a set of NGK V-power plugs (TR6, part#4177) with a .690" reach. Gapped to .034".
    Waiting for my Firecore50 plug wires to arrive.

    Amazing that it made the power it did with all that being compensated for by the SCT.
    Of course now that I fixed those two things the car doesn't run very well.
    Need to take it back and get re-tuned.
  14. The current setup.

    Old school Paxton GSS balldrive supercharger.
  15. Oh yeah, the Kirban AFR.
    Took it apart and found corrosion.
    Water must have gotten in through the vacuum line.
    Before I removed it my fuel pressure gauge was very unrepeatable.
    I've had to readjust it many times in the past (always with the vacuum line off).
    Put the stock replacement AFP back on there and it is dead on at 40psi.
    Probably clean up the Kirban and put it back on later.
  16. So how many pounds are you seeing?
  17. I really don't know. I'll have to watch the gauge next round on the dyno. I am not going WOT until it is fully tuned.
  18. Love that blower. It's got a nostalgic look to it. Not too many people running around with those anymore.

  19. Man, I remember those blowers at the track back in 94-98 when I use to drag race every week.
  20. I'll be honest....I can't believe you cracked 300rwhp with that old blower, and Explorer intake and set of low compression Y-heads. Those old SN series units weren't known for being the most efficient set up. Usually signed off right around 5-6psi. Had one for all of a week back in the late-90's before I sold it. Never even put it on my car.