Guess the HP/TQ!

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  1. Just found some info on my supercharger. Guess it is really a NOVI-GSS.

    The GSS (it's full name is Novi-GSS) came after the SN2000. It was a limited production run, produced as a sort of 'swan-song' for the old ball-drive superchargers. It was the culmination of all the material/design improvements that went into the SN superchargers through each iteration. The name itself is derived from two sources: Novi is from Novi, Michigan and the Novi Indy race cars campaigned by the Granatelli family (then owners of Paxton Superchargers) in the 60's, and GSS stands for Granatelli Signature Series.

    Still no idea on boost levels.
  2. Ok, just read some material saying the GSS should be making 6.5-8psi. This coincides with the 7psi I saw when I first installed the supercharger. (Only had it on for a month before I blew the head gasket).
    Now that I have the UPR inlet pipe maybe I am closer to the 8psi now :shrug:
  3. where did you go for the dyno runs? those are fairly good numbers for the setup.
  4. dang everything good is in the tempe chandler area
  5. I've been to this shop up there in Glendale to buy a used set of 42lb injectors and PMAS 80mm MAF.

    They have dyno tuning capabilities too.
  6. yeah ive been by there as well got my 65mm TB from them.
  7. I love these old school super chargers. They're exactly what I want, hell your build is exactly what I want but more.

    The old school powerdyne and paxton superchargers (rebuilt of course) are great budget chargers.
    Eventually I'll pick one up.
  8. I seem to always remember seeing advertisements for Paxton Novi superchargers in Mustang magazines a little over a decade ago.
  9. Being on a dynojet explains the good numbers a little better. Regardless, it made nice power. Enjoy!
  10. Took the Stang back to the dyno after the repairs.
    It was much more repeatable on the the dyno this time.
    We settled on 379rwhp and 383rwtq running a bit rich at 11.5a/f across the board.
    Got to get on my other laptop to post the dynographs but I am pretty happy with the current results.
    Oh, and I saw 8psi on the boost gauge.
    It was at 5 psi at 4k rpm and 8psi at 6k rpm.
  11. And the final results:

    Needless to say I am very pleased.
    Car was much more repeatable on the dyno this time.
  12. Congrats! Those are right in line with what my coyote puts out, and you have a much smaller and lighter package. I bet its a blast to drive!