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  1. just got my tweecer rt and downloaded the eec analyzer program. i have seen an awful lot while researching the tweecer and ford fuel injection about this document. i undestand that it explains how the eec uses different strategies to run. my question is besides the information in the gufb.doc is there hard numbers in this doc that can be used to change parameters? more basically, how can i use the information here to help me?
  2. Congrats on the tweecer purchase!

    The GUFB does not tell you how to tune for your application, but it does define the terms, and how values are calculated.

    It should also be noted that the GUFB only applies to the A9*/X3Z series computers.

    Once you have joined the Yahoo tweecer forum, you can find the GUFB in either text format or pdf format at this location.

  3. basically it just give us somewhat of an understanding of how and why the A9*X3Z computers use strategies, correct?