Gun collections, lets see em.

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  1. Alright, lets see those gun collections. I've bought 3 in the past 2 weeks, so here they are.


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  2. You ah...hunting some VC's??
  3. Nah, just some set up targets in a field. =D
  4. My .50 cal Desert Eagle and her little sister the HK USP .45 compact



    Those two are all I can afford right now. Hopefully I'll add a Spas 12 shotgun to the group soon.

    Heres a picture of my DE with my friends Kimber and Glock 22


  5. I'm going to walmart this weekend to pick up some squirt guns then you'll see some badass fire power. Supersoaker 2000 :nice:
  6. That's what sucks living in Cali. :nonono: Very limited to what I can get plus having to give up my so called "assault weapons". :notnice: I subscribe to Shotgun News and freaking drool over all the goodies available in other states. :bang:

    Heck, I would like to get myself a Rock River Arms Tactical Civi M4. Not while living in Cali!
  7. I think it is important not to tell everyone what you have, lest it might get stolen. However, this is what is guarding my stash... :D


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  8. I'd really like to know where the hell you guys live, that you need that kinda fire power??? If any of those weapons were around where I live someone might get shot. :p
  9. collection

    Well I normally don't frequent the V6 boards, but this thread caught my attention so I decided to post.

    Here's my collection:


    From the top down:
    M3 Grease gun .45 caliber
    Colt .45 caliber pistol
    M1 Garand .30 caliber
    Russian Nagant Rifle Caliber 7.62x54
    Browning .30 caliber Machine gun (m2 tripod not shown)
    Remington 1903-A4 .30 caliber rifle
    Savage short magazine Lee Enfield Rifle
    M1 Carbine Caliber .30 carbine
  10. Well you know us V6 owners we like to pack all the heat we can...we're like a militia of sorts!
  11. Here's a not too great pic of the Browning .30 cal from the top down on the tripod

  12. Ok, so what was your address and work schedule? :p

    By the way, I like your wood floor, it looks kind of like mine....[​IMG]

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  13. By the way, is that a registered side plate?
  14. Land of the free, home of the brave... :flag:
  15. BTW Foxtrot, the Garand and 1903 bolt action are both 30-06s right??

    My grandfathers service rifle in WW2 was a M1 Carbine Paratroop which you also have pictured(bottom), which used the smaller .30 Caliber rifle round. His pistol was a Remington Rand 1911 .45. :flag:

    That is why I also pack a Auto Ordanance 1911 .45. :nice:
  16. I want those guns. :jaw:
  17. Blah, old rifles. And none as sexy as the Desert Eagle.

    But I do have an early 1900's swiss made long range rifle. Its like 5'5" tall.
  18. I'm sorry dude, but gold finished guns look gangsta to me.
  19. wow foxtrot, those are all WWII guns. nice collection
  20. I'm gonna go to the gun range at the mall now...I want to shoot something!!

    I really like the Kimber...nice size. The DE I want to try a shot or two and I hear they have them. It'll probably kick my ass back since I have never shot much more than a pellet gun!