Gun collections, lets see em.

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  1. Only to people who cant afford them.

    And when a gun costs over $1500 it better stand out. And it DAMN sure stands out.
  2. there's a gun range in your mall?
  3. WendyC: Yes, it is a registered semi-auto side plate and your floor looks nice :nice:

    Rvlyssup: Yes they are both 30-06

    Brahma: I have mixed feelings about the DE but I respect anything .50 cal

    I'm working on getting a BAR and a Thompson to really complete my collection but at the price they're going for now it's going to be a while. Oh well, the browning in low light with a tracer every fourth round keeps me amused for now.
  4. I'm going to venture to say that the picture is not really you. And if it is, you're really practicing poor gun safety. Nice gun though.
  5. I don't have pictures,but i can tell you a little about my fav rifle. I got a ar15, looks like the m16 right down to every last spring except for tha flash suppressor, and I take it out to shoot all the time. some times i just feel like going out to shoot so i grab it up and go shoot. its lots of fun
    id like to get my hands on a springfield armory m14 rifle and put a small scope on it.
  6. I couldn't agree more. We have such a blast going to shoot. :nice:
  7. Well whats your feelings on em? Plus have you shot one?
  8. I agree with the gun safety aspect.

    :nice: Avtomat Kalishnikov Model 1947. I had 4, makes me miss em. :bang:
  9. My mixed feelings are on your particular piece, im not sure if I like the gold or not. It does stand out.

    I shot a .50 cal DE that belonged to a friend of my brother who was sick of only having a Sig service weapon to play with. It wasn't gold though but was a lot of fun to shoot.

    If historic rifle aren't your thing then my brother has all the sexy weapons:

    Remington 700P sniper system
    McMillan .50 caliber sniper system
    AR15 Law enforcement grade

    He is a police officer in Texas and on the Special Response Team that covers a few cities in the county so that is the explination for having the sniper systems. I just need to get some pics from him.

    We have a lot of firearms in my family, but that's what you get from three genertaions of law enforcement officers.
  10. hmmmmmm.....I've always had a bunch of guns in my family but I'm the only cop, explain that.

    What sig does your brother have? I have the P226 .40 cal.......I love it, but I'm more impressed with my 1911 .45

    Even if someone is looking for a CHEAP gun to shoot around with, the hi-points aren't that bad to mess around with. You're only out $120 for a 9mm

  11. Yeah...West Edmonton is the largest mall in the world, even bigger than the one in minesota...although that one is close in size but I believe we hold the record :D . anyways, they put a gun range in a couple years ago, When I read it in the paper I thought that was a pretty bad Idea, a gun range in a crowded mall doesn't seem to be the sane thing to do, but no violence there yet so I guess its ok. All this talk of guns though makes me want to go out and shoot something, target wise only of course. I wouldn't buy a gun though, I have a 3 yr old daughter so I wouldn't have a gun in the home, maybe if I were single without a child I could own one.
  12. I dont see how anyone can NOT like the gold. Its different. It makes the gun special. Not to mention its the one of the hardest finishes on any hand gun. So I dont have to worry about anything damaging it. And since its no more expensive than a polished nickle or bright chrome, I see no reason to get gold. Plus its not like I have the 24k gold one (which they do make).

  13. I think the gold looks pretty cool. I remember in the movie Face Off with Travolta and Cage, Cage had a pair of gold plated 1911's and they looked awesome.
  14. i got a few though dad says no picture taking for some reason?
  15. Probably afriad people might try to steal them or something. A lot of people are paranoid about that.
  16. yes because it might reveal where i live and how to break into my house and my safe combonation...
  17. He also carries a P226 and I've never heard him say anything bad about it. I carry a Glock 23 .40
  18. G-43s & a couple G-41s

    SOme nice ones

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  19. I cant take pictures, because i dont have the key to our rifle case, if you can call it that, its made out of wood and has a completely glass face... and the glare is incredible on it when taking pics
    anyway, the case is sitting right next to me.
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