Guy in a s2000 wants to race me

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  1. should i do it? the car looks stock other than a carbon fiber hood. should i race him from a roll or a start? you can look at my sig for my mods.
  2. It will probably be close...and race him from a dead stop
  3. you should take him from a stop. they run about a 14
  4. 5-speed
    BBk Underdrive pullies
    BBk LT headers
    Catted Hpipe
    MagnaPack Exaust System
    AEM Cold Air Intake
    SideCut Autolite Plugs
    Eibach Pro-Kit springs
    Steeda Tri-AX shifter
    Centerforce Stage II clutch
    Tokico Illumina Shocks

    Go for it, and report back when you are done with him, you are gonna win. :nice:

    And ask him afterwards to paint the hood... :rlaugh:
  5. Race from stop, those things rev high to make up for their low TQ. Race from a roll and your in his world.
  6. If he's stock it won't be a race. From a roll or from a dig you'll beat him....roll race will obviosuly be closer but from a dig you'll do nasty nasty things to his go cart lol.

    Those cars suck for drag racing but they are exceptional performers when the road gets twisty :)

  7. do you really think its stock? i doubt it :)

  8. whats he gonna do to it? intake, exhaust? thats about it unless he gets serious and does a s/c. my friend did put 4.10s in his and it made me cry
  9. guy in my area running around in a turbo S2000. You can't even tell until he gets on it then it goes. Its not riced 8 inch cannon just a nice exhaust system. I think he said its slightly over never know what they have.
  10. race him from a dig at the track!! I dont think they will let ya do a punch at the track.. but i could be wrong :rlaugh:
  11. Race him from a dig, you'll more than likely beat him.

    I love those little cars tho, they're the only 2-seater in their class that I like :D.. In fact, i'm going to go "test drive" one tomorrow at 3pm. Not to buy it of course, just that a good friend of mine is a saleswoman at the Honda Dealership and told me we could take it outflog the hell out of it (With the top down, of course).. I've always wanted to drive one of those cars just to see how they feel :D
  12. They run a 14.2 stock. I doubt hes stock, but i dont think you will have a problem taking him down.
  13. Is there cash on the line? Why worry about doing it and just do it. The worst that could happen is you lose, but I doubt that. Most people couldn't run good times in those because you have to beat the piss out of it to go fast. Stomp a mudhole in that overpriced toilet.
  14. Race in a controlled environment to eliminate any chance for excuses. :Track:
  15. When i had my 98 gt (catted xpipe,catback,cai,ud's) i raced my friend who has a stock s2000 and i raped him from a dig, but he did catch up once i hit third and started to pull on me. Race him from a dig and if you can drive you'll instantly put three or four cars on him and he'll be hard pressed to catch up.
  16. Ive raced one with intake and exhaust and had no problems from stops or otherwise. This was N/A too. You should take him easily.
  17. i race one with intake and exhaust somtimes at the track(and Im an anemic drag racer) I smoke him by 1.5 car lenghts in 1/8mile. We ran on the streeet from10mph roll and I pulled a half car lenght and it staye dthat way
  18. Yea excuses like this one... :nonono:

  19. id say you rape him