Guy in a s2000 wants to race me

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    Those things rev up to like 9 grand or something. I think it would be real close from a roll. It depends on how fast you guys are going and where that is in both your powerbands. Shouldnt have any problem at the track w/ plenty of traction. That is if his car is stock..... :shrug:
  2. i bet those heavy saleens you got might slow you down a bit

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    But if he goes down hell go down looking good ;)

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    DUDE I had true american pride when i saw that episode... I cant beleive he didnt see he wasnt making anywhere near full boost in the first race then he does it again in the second race... whata noob.
  5. yeah,after the first race give him 20!lol
  6. Excuse my ignorance but whats a dig? A dead stop?
  7. I underestimated one of those high rev rockets and he caught me with my
    pants around my ankles Im sorry to report. My GT is an Auto and I didnt
    come of the line with enough intensity. Once he got loose I never could
    recover. The guy could drive thats for sure, that thing was screamin through
    all 6 gears. If I only had a 2nd chance!:owned: :bang: :bang: :bang:
  8. Yes.

  9. they feel great. plenty of power
  10. If he's a good driver you'll (assuming you're stock) lose regardless. S2Ks can run high 13s with a good launch.
  11. A stock S2000 might be capable of running a 13.9 under ideal conditions, but then, so can a stock GT. I've raced numerous S2000's, and while all the owners were cool, only once was I ever beat, and I have my doubts about how "stock" he was. They typically trap 97-98, with the occasional car trapping 100, but those are the same guys running 13.9's, so I'll let you decide if a car trapping a couple miles an hour higher than everyone else and with ET's a few tenths lower are "stock" or not. No mods really do much on an S2000 other than gears and FI.

    Full exhaust on an auto vert should more than make up for any weight handicap. S2000's typically make up any ground in the first 1/8th, in my races against them at the track. So they are going slightly faster by the 1/4, sneaking past right before the line. If you have any power mods, and can drive, a stock S2000 shouldn't be a problem. Running from a roll is up to you, but I've never driven an auto GT, so I have no idea what they're like on a highway race.
  12. But his was an auto. I havent seen a bone stock auto run 13s yet.

    Automatics suck from a roll. First of all, it has a slight delay upon downshifting. Secondly, you can't keep the rpms in the "sweet spot" like a manual, so the acceleration upon downshifting isn't as crisp. I've countered that by downshifting "manually", but doing that creates a lot of heat. Thus, it has taken its toll; my auto trans is running really sloppy now. Automatics strength is from a dig.
  13. My g/f's little sister has an S2000, it scoots pretty good, but it's tough to launch. So ya, race him from a dead stop. Besides, track officials don't like it when you race from a roll.:D
  14. Actually my stang is'nt "bone stock", I have a few mods let me list them:
    mac cai,ford racing 70mm tb,c&l plenum, flowmaster 40's, steeda ud pullies,
    17x9 cobra wheels w/kumho 255/45's. If not for my weak launch I would have
    got him. I did not load up my trans for take off, (a dig) my fault. By the way what I usually do is hold the brake down for a micro second after I nail it,
    what is that tecnique called and how do some of you do it????
  15. When I race an auto I usually stomp the brake and hit the gas untill right before the back tires would start spinning, you know like power braking, and I usually get a decent launch, now this was in my 89 Mark 7 LSC, I've never drove a new auto mustang but I would imagine that it would work the same, and I always called it power braking
  16. This little punk in my unit has a silver one, and is always talking crap and hints around about me racing him. He's one of those that's always trying to one-up somebody or any story someone tells. I shut him down one day in a combatives tournament we had. When you're beating someone's ass, it's so much more fun to make them tap out, than to just know you beat them.

    Well, I guess it's about time to beat up on his car too.