Guys/gals With 3.7l Mustangs

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  1. Hey guys I don't frequent this side of the forum much but I am thinking about getting a 2013-2014 Mustang 3.7 L with the 6 speed manual.

    I'm not really in a rush to sell my car so I was thinking about starting the price at $7,500 and then see how that goes. I don't really drive much right about now, its usually around 300-400 miles a month, but I want to get something that is new and reliable, plus I really like how these cars look. Not that I don't like the look of my car and that it isn't reliable but I would like to own a new car.

    So here are some of my questions...

    How much do you spend per month on gas? Is the gas tank bigger than mine? My 2003 GT is currently a 15.9 gallon tank but I usually fill it up with 12.5 gallons when I need gas.

    Also how are the new 3.7s?

    How do you like the power it puts out?

    What kind of little things annoy you after owning one after a while?

    Do they respond to mods better than the 4.6's?
  2. Can't help with all your questions except to say a buddy at work and his wife just love their V-6 Mustang ..... but theirs is an auto. He has a few mods, it does seem to scoot well enough.

    It costs no more to fill up when ever the gage hits 1/2 tank ..... or even fill up at last fuel stop on the way home ..... and it means the fuel pump is almost always covered in cooling fuel .... and it means you always have a good reserve if you actually find yourself in a bind.
  3. I knew this was a dumb thread to start lol, I know a V8 is better than a V6 but I just wanted to see what everyone would think.
  4. Nothing dumb about it that I saw .... the V-6s run rather well ..... and are a popular base for mods.
  5. Not sure if your 03 is modded, but the new v6 will probably give your current car a good run for its money stock for stock. The new sixxers are no joke
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  6. Ive got 3.73 gears, an o/r exhaust and using Bama Tunes from AM, so I think I can beat them plus I have more tourqe but getting to the pavement is the big part.. The car is no slouch though I believe with me getting a driver mod 13's are possible. My friends stock 1999 GT ran a 13.9 all stock, but he is a really good driver.
  7. I've had my 3.7 Cyclone DOHC for a year now and it's really responded well to lowering and wider rims & tires. Just drove to Memphis,Tn. and back and averaged 28.5 miles per gallon. 315 HP on 93 octane fuel. Her's a shot of mine. 14sec 1/4 @ 100mph. tn_RV & River 003.JPG
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  8. Bought a 2013 v6 mustang for the wife in feb of this year with the X plan. Have to say the car is quick for a 6 cyl and handles, brakes,and steers light years better than the prior mustangs I've owned. It's the 6 speed auto and I have to tell you, unlike older Mustangs, I don't think you are giving up much performance vs. a stick. We get about 21MPG in town and around 30 on the highway. She was never a Mustang fan but after the first test drive fell in love with the car.

    I would not buy a pre 2011 6cyl Mustang , as their motors are no comparison to the new ones. At 300hp you're 15 shy of the gt motor in the 2010 GT's and lighter to boot.