Guys, i think I'm losing my mind...

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  1. I'm - the BIGGEST Asian Anti - ricer ever - thinking about try these out on my car.
    I saw the pic posted by one of the menber on pic whoring thread, and I actualy like it.. Its not gawdy like all the other projecter lights been....

    Here is the pic (curtsy of y2k2gt)

    Am i loosing it? Or is it actually look decent?

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  2. that car looks fine to me. i'm personally much of a graphics kinda guy but this car looks good.
  3. I challenge you for the title of "BIGGEST Asian Anti - ricer" :).

    From that angle, they look decent.

  4. LOL Hail to the king of Asian Anti-ricer!

    Only thing worrys me about that housing is that it use H1 for both low and high beam. Isn't H1 is like one they use for fog lights and stuff? i hope it has enough light output...
  5. take off the amber reflector and they would look even better.
  6. so one of the circles is just for looks?
  7. the gray circle ? Yea i think so. Thats littel ghey, but those still aren't as 1/2 as ghey as some of the past offering as far as projecter for our car goes
  8. everyone always screams rice on those, but i've always liked that style since i saw them on "gonein10seconds" car from the MPH dyno day vids :)
  9. I think I saw that Stang at Mustang Week.
  10. The grey circle is just a halo light base.

    I'd like to see a few more angles before I make my judgement, but from that pic it doesn't look that bad.
  11. The overall look of that car from that angle is acceptable, but only just barely...
  12. You going to install the hyperbooster on that spaceship too?
  13. Doesn't look too bad, I like the stock smokers on ours already though.

  14. Oh so do i. But my passenger side is all scratched up, and since ford OEM is super expensive, i figure i'll try something new.

    With separate low/high beam, i can wire it such so that both low and high beam would come on when high beam is on. Thats the truely the reason why i want those with separate High/Low headlight housig,....

    nah man. But my Geo might - God knows it need every help it can get to get going the under powered pig she is...:nonono:
  15. What is the deal with headlights?? I'm not getting what this craze about 40 different kinds of headlights their are to buy. I guess I need to be 20 years younger to understand it.
  16. I'm 18 and don't understand it one bit.
  17. Theyd be ok if it werent for that extra grey halo thingy that doesnt need to be there at all. It looks a bit :shrug: :scratch: :stick: crapola

    I'm very glad I got clear cornered stockers. They look sweeet.
  18. OK, Here you go. The car is the wifes car. I drive this.


    The head lights came from We replaced them because the stock one were turning white and badly scratched up. They didn't sell them without the amber reflector. They are shaped exactly like the sock headlight and fit perfectly. There are two halos, one circles the low beam the other a silver dot, there are two bulbs in each but the high doesn't get a halo. As far as brightness, not a problem the low beam is running HID's so the high's are never needed. Stangmods sold them as a package so it was a simple plug and play.
    To some they may look a little gehy but my wife loves it, and I kind of dig it to. I am 40 years old and I love cars, not much into the ricers but to each there own. My wife has picked out everything on her car, so it's exactly what she wants.
    And yes the car has been to Mustangweek the past two years and has come away with a trophy both years. The beauty of these cars is that you can go in any dirrection you want with them, some things aren't for eveybody.
    So if you like the headlights I say get them and don't worry about what eveyone else thinks. Get what you like. I love these cars and everything about them. Go to, Mike can hook you up. Here's some more pics didn't have too many try to get more later hope this helps.





    Let me know if I left anything out. Enjoy the stang, pretty sweet looking ride.

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  19. What do they look like with the brights on? I think they look pretty sharp. Is that scoop open?!?!?!?
  20. Looks like clear plastic or something blocking the scoop opening. Seems like a light reflecting right there in hte middle.....that bright dot.

    If ya like the headlights....go for it. But they're all gonna laugh at you!

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