Guys, i think I'm losing my mind...

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  1. Yeah because we all know the hood scoop and side scoops on the 94-04 mustangs serve a purpose too.

    Personally I like them, they are different without being chrome or ricey.
  2. I kind of agree on the silver dot, not sure why they made them that way. Maybe it's something to do with the high beam, I don't know.
  3. There's like 2 things on this entire site you approve of. While most of us are somewhat open minded, you have very specific taste.
  4. not a fan but to each his own
  5. i dont understand you guys. when i was still ricen my car out (lol) and talked about getting these everyone would of rather ran my car off a bridge than see these on there are people liking them, especially ppl who were VERY against these. same with the stalker kit and rice wheels ive seen in threads. you are all losing your minds. hahaha
  6. Perhaps I'm wrong....but alot of us rag on each other about "ricey" mods....but its in good fun. I haven't been around forever, but long enough to notice that the members of this site prefer mustangs that are of a certain style (which I tend to agree with). But I'd venture to say that most of us are mature and while we may express our opinion, we do so with respect (even if its always not obvious)....and when we're being a little more obnoxious about it, its in "fun" because we know you can take it.....such as you Ray....its just been your thing around here to get ragged on for that Stalker kit.

    But I hope none of us really rag on someone's car maliciously and to hurt feelings. So I think that's what differs in this thread....someone who was bold enough to express that the owner is very proud of the creation and might be hurt to see such comments. I'd like to think we all respect someone who worships their mustang and puts sweat, money, and tears into their car. I think we all share that. I don't even own a mustang anymore, but have enjoyed this community and still share the "car" mentality, even be it with my Wrangler now.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. Well said, and thank you.
  8. :cheers:

  9. Ray your car WAS rice. Stalker looked like an ice scraper.
    And trust me. U did not need any help from us to ran your car off a bridge then see them on it. You destroyed your car fine on your own kid:D

    Man was that like serious comploment for me:hail2:
  10. It's amazing how a little change gets people so worked up. I think that some of us want our cars to be a little different. What fun would it be if we all drove around in cars that looked exactly alike. I say mod on and enjoy your cars. I think that it is great that we can all personalize our cars. It's just a shame that some can't stand it when you deviate from the norm.
  11. If she likes it than more power to her. My projectors aren't the prettiest, but i can see at night time, that means more than the car looks right now. My lights will have to grow onto me and im sure once my 5000K hids get re-shipped i will start to like my projectors even more.
  12. Who was hosting the pics?....I still want to see them.

  13. 29qjoeo.jpg
    we need one with HALO on man

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  14. Call me rice, but I really like those headlights! I agree with Mity, they have come a long ways from the old projector headlights they offered for our cars.. those looked like ass.

    Oh yeah, to the owner of that White Mustang with those headlights... Nice ride man, I like it a lot! :nice:

    F' what SRTHandz has to say.. he's just a mad npi-owner :D
  15. Maybe if the light wasnt blue? Try some silverstars? I think they look sorta cool though. Do the middle bulbs light up?
  16. Hey I found this lights! I wonder SRT handz would still approve my car.....
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    SORRY MAN !!! I just had to do it!!! Don't ban me!

    I like your Yellow fog light. seriously, They are soo like europian! :D

    :rlaugh: :owned: :rlaugh:
  17. I've got yellow foglights.. because they cracked and allow water in now. :notnice:
  18. Any others? Side view, angled view?

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  19. He said he'll send me more today. will see
  20. my opinon still stand with Cheap LED and Lightbox halos make stangs looks cheesy