Guys, i think I'm losing my mind...

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  1. Could not have said it better myself... :flag:

    //feels bad about the fugly comment...
  2. Yeah the black car is mine. Do you want pics at night with just the lights on or what? I will take better ones with my digital camera. That was with my camera phone, LOL.
  3. It's amazing, my first time posting on this site and I sure have stirred it up. Just wanted to post some pics of the wifes car.
    The lights are blue because they are 10000k HID's. I kind of like the blue glow, the fogs glow blue as do the high beams, even though they are never used.
  4. Ya, can you take some from the side, etc with a better camera.

    Like I said, don't let a few foos on this site prevent you from coming back. The majority here are "good" members with good input to give.
  5. mity...PLEASE DONT DO IT

    I beg will just RUIN the look of your car. If i didnt like your car so much i wouldnt be making all these posts.

    ...I really think that you should get an HID conversion kit with you OEM black housings.....6000K would look Perfect.

    ....But.....I think a few cars out there can pull off 10,000K HIDs such as saleens or cars with alot of body mods....and i feel your car is one of those cars. Your Blue paint and rouches peices would look so Tight with 10,000K would look exotic
  6. 10k is a lose useable light with a kelvin rating that high.

    IMO, don't get a rating higher than 6k.
  7. 6k or 8k is what i'm thinking...
  8. 8k is too high.

    Read up on the internet forums before you buy that bro. They'll all tell you that in fog/rain, higher kelvin bulbs are useless. 8K is going to be real blue, so you may get hassled by your local PD.
  9. if the new mustang has HIDs, it's almost certain that it'll have projectors, so i don't see the big deal? :shrug:

  10. Thats because new cars are Designed from the start with projectora and put so much time and money in R&D to make them Look good. All the cheap online headlight companies DO NOT use expensive Projectors like Valeo.

    Our cars were not disigned to look good with if you put them on the will looks like poop...enless you do a retor-fit and hide them better.

    ....all these damn headlights look so cheaop-o
  11. SRT Handz, how old are you? If they like the headlights then so be it, why can't you let it be. Not everybody is as narrow minded as you. Some are open to change. Maybe you don't like them and thats fine, but your ranting on them just gets old. I'm sure there are things about your car that some may not like. I've seen some positive responses and negative responses on this subject but yours are the worst. If Mity 2 likes and wants them, then I say he should go for it and you should get over it.
  12. You may think i am narrow minded then that kinda funny...i am a stonner so i am VERY open minded on this.


    ....But here is the problem. I have been waiting for 3-4 year now for a really nice aftermarket headlight with projectors to come out for the Mustang and every month a new one comes out....but they all suck. They all use cheap projectors that done give an amazing beam.

    so here are a pair of Projector headlight from

    if you looks at the price they cost $259.99. Thats for the whole Unit including the projectors.

    Now here is a pair of Audi RS6/A6 projectors. Audi designed there own projector for there own special look...this is my favorite

    If you look at the price they cost $249.99. Thats for JUST the Bi-Zenon projector. If you want all the other stuff like the ballists, bulbs, Ect. its gonna cost you $549.99. Now take into consideration that price of Projector and add in the cost of a housing and all the other good that it would take too make a would cost $$$$$$.

    so why does the American Muscle Headlight with projector only cost $259.99? Its because they use cheaper parts and less R&D to creat a headlight. a cheap projector (Which controls the beam) and a cheap housing is used.

    No aftermarket company makes a REALLY SICK headlight housing with projectors is because it would cost too much and the people who all want the Look (People Posting in Here) are either too cheap or don't wanna fork out the cost for Expensive headlight. all the headlights on american muscle are just cheap rip-offs of the OEM companies. Major auto manufactures put so much Money and R&D into there products...they why they looks as sexy as they are. In the World of Cars You Get what You pay For.

    Halos/Angel Eyes/Daytime Running Lights

    a few years back BMW came out with the Halo or what they call there "Daytime Running Lights" Every since then people have tried to rip it off.

    One of BMW Signatures are there Round Headlights. Every since they have been making cars they have had round headlights....this and the kidney Grill they have kept throughout the years. So when they started using Zenon Lights with projectors they needed a daytime running light to meet the european regulation that all cars have a daytime running lights. So to Match the HID's (and Give some BMW Flare) they spent SOOO much money and ALOT OF TIME in R&D to create there Zenon Gas CCFL Running Lights.

    The Running lights on BMW's are not Lite with LEDs of is lite with Zenon Gas in a CCFL Tube. Its a Zenon gas, same used in the Main HID Headlights. The daytime running lights even have there own Ballests and igniters.

    These Cheap halo lights people ae buying are powered by LEDs or a Light Box from inside the housing. This looks cheap and does not give the same effect as the CCFL Tubes.

    Its like using Ultra White/Blue Halogen Blubs instead of buying HIDs...they just dont look the same.


    Toyota/Lexus even stopped putting Clear Taillights on the Altezza/IS300 because they had been ripped off so much that the clear tailights had gotten ugly. They looked good on the altezza/IS300, but not on every car on the road.

    ...same thing with the Halos, they look good on BMWs, but not EVERY car on the road...espesially mustang.

    I Hope This Changed Your Mind Mity, It took a while to type
  13. Thank you SRT Handz.
    But i still think they are cool looking...:D

  14. Think it, just dont DO it
  15. rotfl DO it, just to piss SRT Handz off! :)
  16. :SNSign:

  17. Go to and sign up for a free account.

    I'd like to see more pics of your car, since mine is black too.
  18. So, since when should we all start taking the advice of a stoner? Maybe rolling a fat one makes you an expert on all that is right in the mustang world. The headlights in the wifes car seem to be of pretty good quality. The fit is perfect, no gaps at all and are shaped exactly like the oem lights. As far as the HID's, you couldn't ask for a better bight time driving light. The visiblity with these lights is incredible, far excides the stock light. Covers the ditch banks and projects a good distance in front of the car. I am totally impressed with the lights, so you can knock them all you want but until you try them you will never know. Plus these lights didn't come from And maybe the mustang didn't come with Halo headlight, but also didn't come with a ram air hood or 315's out back or tinted windows or 450 hp etc etc etc, but these are things that many of us want and a few of us choose to add to our cars. Not every aftermarket part looks good to everyone out there but that is the beauty of these cars, there is enough out there for everyon to build a car in a unique way. Maybe you would be happier if we all drove around in the same cookie cutter style car. I say every one has a right to put on their car what they like and we shouldn't have to be rediculed by people like you. So maybe you should go roll another fat one, smoke it up and see if it clears your distorted vision.
  19. lol. You think you're open minded because you smoke weed? You've got to be joking. I would have said you're being childish and don't know when to stop whining because you're a "stonner."

    You compare aftermarket headlights for an $84k car to aftermarket headlights for a $24k car. Hmm.. I wonder, why would the quality be so much better, and the price be so much more for them? Can it really be that hard for you to figure out?

    Oh no, it's a trend. Wait... don't lots of people put Cobra rims on their basically stock GT's? Trends are bad, right?

    I agree.