Guys, i think I'm losing my mind...

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  1. oh the hostility. lmao
  2. Wow, I guess these whole thread has taken on new meaning when the stonner term was thrown out there. I don't feel any hostility towards the guy, we are all here because we love mustangs. It's obvious that many of us have very different tastes and thats a good thing, we don't all want to ride around in identical cars, which has been my point from the start. We should all be able to build our cars the way we like and not be afraid of being rediculed or chastized by others. I'm am really sorry that it had lead to this, just wanted to post some pick of the wifes car.
  3. I kind of feel glad that some of the guys on here are the way they are though, especially people like Mity and others who really gave me a hard time about my ricemobile at first...if it wasnt for them I would be running around with dual fart pipes and chrome windshield wiper blades.

  4. don't be sorry you didn't do anything close to having t be sorry for...

    the lights on your wife's car look nice...and if didn't just get new head lights a couple months ago I'd certainly consider those lights
  5. lowering

    All I know is if SRT Handz doesn't get a caster/camber kit for his front end there i'm going to come install it myself in the middle of the night. Nice ride height though.