Fox Guys, Interested In This Car. Please Nitpick And Give Me Your Estimation Of Its Value.

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  1. I agree. Pictures don't mean crap. They could be old, from another car, touched up and never show everything. It simply amazes me that people buy cars on Ebay and other websites sight unseen. If I'm dropping that amount of money, damn sure I am seeing it in person.
  2. Someone should send him the link to this thread;).

    *****sends link to him:p****

    To bad:(...I drove all the way to FL for mine. Lucky it was what I expected. Paid a guy from a Mustang performance shop in the area $100 to take a look at it for me before I made the trip.

    I drove down west on Ciny, OH this past summer for a small tractor on CL, turned around and went home empty.

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  3. LOL. Did you really, Scott? I actually removed the thread after the first few responses, because I didn't want him to see it before I called. I don't care, now. At least he opened up about problems on the phone before I sent a mechanic/mustang performance guy that I know out to look at it for $100. Still, there's no doubt that the ad is misleading.
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    looking at the pics id say its worth about 6-7k. A/C to me depends on region and local weather. Here in AZ its a must and I just cut all of mine out (simply because its all toast) but then in SoCal you could get away with it. If he has is posted for 7k I would fully inspect the vehicle ask to do a compression test get it on a jack and some stands and look for issues that you know you will have to fix this aint for first rodeo man and keep notes on everything you see.
  5. I think you missed my post from after my discussion with the owner.
  6. :lol:
    no not me, I only belong to the one and only mustang forum. David is suspect though, does he live in OH;)?
  7. nope sure didnt i read a few posts and posted up because i was lazy. Murica
  8. I believe that was @DocG2828 old car... he could tell you more about it im sure
  9. No :poo:? Wild if that's true.