Guys please help me out with coolant bleed


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Feb 8, 2001
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I bought the SVE electric fan upgrade kit from LMR. I also went ahead and bought a chrome mr gasket water neck (for looks). The SVE kit came with a brass coolant temperature sensor. First, I don’t like how the sensor doesn’t have a plug and removing it is a pain since the wire can’t be disconnected and two, I can’t get the sensor to not leak! It will hiss and coolant seems to be coming through the threads (small amount). I have thoroughly cleaned the threads and used permatex thread sealer. SO with that said, my question is can I just buy a different sensor (two wire which is what the SVE sensor is) I was going to buy another oem ford coolant sensor with plug and wire it in. Will this work with the kit? I posted pics below. Thanks guys!


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Mar 6, 2021
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just read the 1st half, not look @ pic either. Saw the "silly cone" use'n stopped. This is a great place 4 'thread tape'. We use it in the automotive trade for threads where we do not have concern abt a possible break in conductivity (ie not at an oil sender @ block as it's grounded thru the case, can't send its signal to the guage). Anyway, wrap that sucker in 2 complete revolutions same direction as the spin of the item as tightened dwn (this way tightening duz not un-wrap or bunch up the 'tape'). A bad day is a day I don't learn something new (but darn, that's a day my garage mates hear alota screamin'n cussin). 8^0
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wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
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Aug 25, 2016
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The shoulder of the sensor likely is not sealing at the top of the threads, just looking at the sensor in the last pick you may be able to find a brass crush washer that should help seal it or go with the idea of an oem sensor.