H/C/I coming, help me!

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  1. I want to save money, but want to get the right combo. My engine is basically stock. Edelbrock performer heads are just under a grand. What about performer heads, intake, and either a E or X cam? Is that good power for the money or is the rpm better? This is both a street and strip car and I am open to suggestions, they don't have to be Edelbrock products. These just seem like a good price for a solid starting price. Gears and bolt ons will acompany the h/c/i addition.
  2. talk to thumper460 for a set of his heads and a tmoss intake setup; there is your budget right there!
  3. I have several grand to spend and want to go a little better than modding the original stuff. The aluminum heads will save weight and hopefully are a better starting point. Thanks.
  4. Budget an aftermarket H/C/I don't go together.....You figure 1000 bucks for heads, 450 for an intake, ford cams are outta date there's better out there but there's another 250 to 320 bucks, need bigger injectors an mass air and fpr to tune it in another 400 bucks, i don't see headers on your mods list maybe need to upgrade to some better ones theres some more cash there too. Now granted to you can prolly get some of these parts used but they aren't going to be that much cheaper you might save a few hundred bucks an an there. Maybe i'm wrong but from what i've done it cost me alot more then a few grand to get a good H/C/I combo an that wasn't even aftermarket heads either that was some used thumpers i got cheap lol.
  5. Headers are considred in the bolt ons I mentioned. I know this is a starting point, don't get stuck on that. The total price will vary, but I want a combo to start with. Cheaper is always a consideration for all of us! Three grand is what I can spend now. I want to get the ball rolling right with the right package, that is what I'm asking. I know the price list very well, that is why I'm asking the best combo to get started with. 89stang cams don't go out of date. Not a popularity contest, going out of style isn't an issue. I'm just looking for the best combo like anybody else, price in mind! Better cam for the money is what I'm looking for with my budget.
  6. I agree with the other guy, aftermarket and budget don't work well together, I've spent about 7grand now.... plus the alphabet cams are single pattern and would work better with a set of roush 180's or something close to production. They've become outdated because they dont make as much power for the money compared to the aftermarket companies. comp xe264 with TW heads make 370 at the wheel. I dunno, for about 3 grand you could get a set of edelbrocks, aftermartket cam and intake, plus a little extra for some rockers and maybe headers. My machinist told me that edelbrock heads are really inconsistent with valve jobs. good value though.

    hope this helps!
  7. Oh yeah, get the performer rpm intake, I think it's better.
  8. The Systemax kit from Holley rocks, or you could go the old AFR185,Cobra intake,Comp274XE combo
  9. In the latest Summit catalog they have a Trick Flow package deal for about $2k.
  10. I don't think it's smart to save money on heads. If you want more power down the road, you don't want to have to spend another $1,000+ on new heads.

    I am planning on afr 185's because I can get them with a smog EO#, they keep the stock exhaust port location, and they seem pretty hard to beat unless you pay for a lot of porting and flow bench work.

    They might cost $3-400 more than a set of edelbrocks, but with edelbrocks and $400 for other parts, I don't think it would be easy to make more power than the afr's.
  11. AFR 165 heads - $1300
    FTI Custom Cam - 325
    Performer RPM Intake - 500
    Gaskets, Fuel Pressure Guage, Adjustable Fuel Regulator, Bolts, Timing Chain, - ..$250
    24 lb injectors & matching MAF - no more than $400

    That leaves you with a few hundred left....for anything else you need or if you want to go ahead and do the gears like you stated...

    This should put you over the 300 rwhp number fairly easily and have good drivability out of the custom cam....

    This is what I plan on doing before summer starts...saving right now with a minimum wage job... :D

    Good luck :nice:
  12. instead of the performer RPM get the typhoon it's the same intake. You might have to clean the ports up but hell it's worth saving a few hundred bucks. And you might as well get 30lb injectors from what i've heard they are more tunable then the 24ers
  13. I thought it was good to have good fuel pressure from the 24lb compared to the 30lb with lower pressure. I thought that 30lb injectors were harder to learn for the stock computer :shrug:

    Anywayz dont' want to steal the thread :D

    CPB00GT - There are so many combinations out there just get what you can afford and be happy with it because either way your going to feel a good power increase for sure :flag:

  14. From what i've heard ppl. say ed from fti says it's easier to tune with 30lbers then again maybe i got bad info....... :p
  15. Yea thanks guys. This is what I wanted opinions on. This car will be a work in progress as long as I have it. Spending money here and there for more mods to complete the last ones. I just wanted a good combo that makes decent power for the money. Thanks again.
  16. Check this site... it might help.. it shows HP from certain head flow!! also some killer info!! Example you can get 316 FWHP with STOCK E7s (154/107) or 417 FWHP with ported heads (203/164), or 499 with 165 AFR streets (243/185 ) !!

    Again this is what you CAN, Not what you get...cool??
    So street and 417 HP FWHP (355 RWHP @ 15% loss) can be had with a ported head!! And its their numbers... cool?? check it out!!

    Just me...................


    OOPS.. Stan Weiss- cylinder Heads flow Data @ 28 " H2O
  17. Hey Mike - linky no worky
  18. Tom... I dont know what to do to make it work?? Did you try a search browser ?? I was killing time the other day looking for " heads, Ford, Ported, Thumper......blah..blah... " and found a few interesting sites on heads, PORTED heads and flow numbers vs HP available... as we try to tell guys... the big numbers are NOT the right way to go if your running a 5500 rpm ( or even 6000) engine and want street performance... but who knows... hope you find it!!

    Just me..........................

  19. Nope, just clicked on that link. Part of the URL must be mising.