H/c/i For Sc

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  1. Okay I've decided I'm going to do H/C/I. I'd like to install a supercharger after. But would like to drive it awhile before I do the supercharger. This is the super charger I'd be going with. http://www.americanmuscle.com/mustang-vortech-supercharger-8693v8.html

    I'm not sure which set up. I was thinking either Trick Flow twisted wedges or AFR 165s or 185s? Probably an E303 cam. And I'm really not sure on the intake.
  2. I wouldn't worry about going too extreme with the top end. You can push enough boost through a stock top end to still split the block.

    Can't go wrong with Trickflow or AFR's so just whichever you find a better deal on.
  3. Would you go 165s or 185s?
  4. If its a stock bottom end you will have to do the 165's because of valve clearance.

  5. Yes it is A stock bottom end. I thought I had heard that some where.
  6. The TFS heads and TFS stage one cam is always a good combo for us. Has produced multiple 10 sec street cars with a blower
  7. The easiest way is the tfs track heat kit. Then add the supporting mods ie maf,inj,fuel pump,etc that will support both (n/a & s/c)
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  8. yep, remember that when building an engine you need to take a systems approach for best results.
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  9. ^^ Exactly, all of the components need to work well together! That is the key.
  10. Are you on a strict budget whats with the e cam?
  11. The e cam has actually proven to work very well with a blower even as old and antiquated as it may seem. There are much better options out there but the e cam for a budget does work well.